Invasive Species in Parks and Natural Areas

Objective C5: Develop a Coordinated Approach to Invasive Species in Parks, Natural Areas and the Public Right-of-Way

The following actions are needed to complete this objective:

  • Develop and implement a coordinated Phragmites Control Program across City departments.
  • Track and monitor the outcome of any approaches used to control phragmites.
  • Continue to identify and track new invasive species and develop strategies to minimize their impact.
  • Develop strategies for other invasive species in parks and natural areas.

These indicators show the progress the City is making to achieve this objective:

  • Phragmites Control Program

What is the City of Windsor doing to control phragmites?

The City of Windsor is implementing several different strategies to control phragmites
  • Approved herbicide control
  • Invasive Phragmites Control Centre

Phrag Control Truxor machine at work in the water

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