Traffic Flow

Objective A6: Improve the City's Traffic Flow to Reduce Vehicular Emissions

The following actions are needed to complete this objective:

  • Reduce unnecessary and unwarranted all-way stops. Focus on transit and heavy trucking routes to reduce wait times.
  • Promote public transit priorities to reduce transit delay and promote schedule adherence and service reliability.
  • Invest in "road diets" where possible, whereby the number of travel lanes and/or effective width of road is reduced in order to reduce speeding, increase active transportation and improve safety
  • Promote increased and smoother traffic flow, for all modes (public transit, cyclists and pedestrians) by using Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), e.g. to improve signal coordination, provide priorities for public transit and introduce electronic way-finding and transit route information
  • Adjust signal timing to improve traffic flow due to construction projects.
  • Continue to upgrade existing and newly installed video detectors (video technology and induction loops) to reduce vehicular idling.

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