Corporate Energy Initiatives

Corporate Vision

The City of Windsor will continue to reduce energy consumption and mitigate costs through the wise use of energy, as well as demonstrating environmental sensitivity. This will involve a collaborative effort to increase conservation awareness and a better understanding of energy management within the corporation. 

Our Goals

  • Establish and maintain a centralized system that tracks, monitors, verifies and analyzes energy consumption and costs for our building portfolio
  • Complete the implementation of the corporate wide energy efficiency retrofit program
  • Review energy opportunities for the City relative provincial program "Save ON Energy"
  • Continue to identify revenue generating opportunities and to allocate such revenues to the corporate energy reserve fund for the purpose of funding new technologies and green initiatives
  • Continue to expand Provincial Demand Response programs corporately to include retrofitting appropriate facility equipment that enhance program participation
  • Develop a sustainable corporate energy management plan in compliance with Provincial Regulation 507/18
  • Participate in Enbridge commercial energy efficiency incentives
  • Manage electricity and natural gas procurement strategies
  • Develop and implement conservation initiatives to include communication, education, and training programs that assist in promoting a corporate culture of energy conservation

Asset Planning/Energy Initiatives Unit
For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, call 519-255-6100.