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Pollution Control Programs

Laboratory Unit

A major responsibility of the Environmental Quality Division (Laboratory) is enforcing the Sewer Use Bylaw 11446. This Bylaw regulates discharges to sanitary and storm sewers. It also mandates the report of spills to City sewers and the completion of a Waste Survey Report by industry.

Programs carried out by the laboratory include:

  1. Monitoring Little River Pollution Control Plant and Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant:
    • Analyzing 24-hour composite samples of influent and effluent
    • Analyzing sludge and biosolid samples
  2. Monitoring Industrial Discharges:
    • Sampling and analysis of industrial discharges
    • Industrial waste surveys
  3. Monitoring Windsor's and adjacent municipalities' sewer systems:
    • Sampling of strategic locations within the City sewer system and analysis of samples
  4. Business License Clearance:
    • Inspecting the pollution control systems of vehicle service garages, restaurants and laundries
  5. Spills and Complaints:
    • Investigating liquid spills to sewers and odour complaints related to the sewer system
  6. Priority Pollutant Monitoring:
    • Sampling and analysis for organic pollutants
  7. Hauled Waste Control:
    • Sampling and analysis of the hauled waste received at the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant
  8. Biomonitoring of the Detroit River:
    • Under contract, the Great Lakes Institute for Environment Research conducts biomonitoring of the Detroit River Watershed
  9. Monitoring:
    • Water quality monitoring in the Detroit River, Grand Marais Drain, and Little River watersheds 

For general information, please contact 311.  For detailed inquiries, contact:

Pollution Control
Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant
4155 Ojibway Parkway
Windsor, Ontario
N9C 4A5
Phone:  (519) 253-7217