Resources for Teachers

Interested in teaching your students about the environment? There are resources available to you! Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change staff are available to present to your classroom.


Tie up your shoelaces and get moving! Walking is free, emits zero emissions and is a great way to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine—not to mention the health benefits that come with it! Try walking to and from school. The average person can walk 1 kilometre in ten minutes. We've even created a Walktober Calendar with tips to help you get moving in both English and French

Environmental Bingo

​Learn about the City of Windsor's natural environment while playing Environmental Bingo​ along with students or family. You can play this while on a walk anywhere in the city. Be sure to bring a pen or pencil to cross out the things you find on your bingo sheet and answer the questions on the fact sheet. There are three different bingo sheets available.

Water and Wastewater

Learn about the ways we use water, including drinking water, stormwater and wastewater. Also learn about water pollution and what not to flush or pour down drains, sinks and toilets. 

Resources available:

  • In-classroom presentation for grades 3 to 5, which includes interaction with the City EnviroScape—a model of the City of Windsor's drinking, storm and wastewater systems, as well as a Toilet on Wheels.
  • Video called "Wastewater: Where Does It Go?" detailing the wastewater treatment process in the City of Windsor for grades 6 to 8. An in-classroom presentation with the City EnviroScape is available to accompany the video.
  • Yellow Fish Road TM program can be provided for grades 2 to 12 and includes a presentation on stormwater pollution prevention, brochures to distribute, and supplies for painting catchbasins.
  • Water Edu-Kits program (by Trout Unlimited Canada) including water quality test kits, a macro invertebrate kit and field sheets to raise awareness and educate grades 8 to 12 about issues surrounding water quality and pollution.

Wastewater: Where Does it Go? videoYellow fish road progam painting yellow fish near cathbasinsenviro scapes city model showing water systemsa mobile toilet on wheels
water education kits provided by trout unlimited canada

Tours available:

  • Free guided tours of both wastewater treatment facilities are available:

Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant
Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant

Treats the wastewater for Windsor (west of Pillette Road) and the Towns of LaSalle and Tecumseh.

To arrange for a tour, please contact:
Kevin Cabana, Plant Manager
Phone: (519) 253-7111 x.3229

Little River Pollution Control Plant
Little River Pollution Control Plant

Treats the wastewater for Windsor (east of Pillette Road) and the Town of Tecumseh.

To arrange for a tour, please contact:
Sergio Mannina, Plant Manager 
Phone: (519) 974-4081

Anti-Idling and Air Quality

Learn about the environmental, health and financial issues with idling vehicles and what you can do about it at your school.

Resources available:

  idling gets your nowhere, turn your engine off banner

Climate Change and Community Energy

Energy bike that charges electronics when peddledLearn about how Climate Change may impact the City of Windsor and what we can do to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and their impacts.

Resources available:

For more information or to arrange for a presentation please contact:

Meraal Yared
Environment & Sustainability Coordinator
Phone: (519) 253-7111 ext. 3290