Goal E: Promote Awareness
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Goal E: Promote Awareness 

City staff at public information boothTo foster an engaged community and staff that appreciates and protects its local environment through active communication.

In September 2005, the City of Windsor decided to undertake an Environmental Attitudes Survey.  The objectives of the Environmental Attitudes Survey included garnering an understanding of individual attitudes and opinions related to the following:

  • Environmental likes and challenges within Windsor
  • Actions that residents feel the City should take to improve Windsor's environment
  • Willingness to pay additional taxes to support environmental actions
  • Awareness of and satisfaction with environmentally-related City-run initiatives
  • Ranking of environmental attributes such as air and water quality

The results of the survey were used in the development of the Environmental Master Plan's goals and objectives. Over 500 people participated in the survey with 48.6 percent of the respondents stating that they were either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with our environment. 

Due to the key findings of the City of Windsor's Environmental Attitudes Survey, the EMP's fifth goal, "Goal E: Promote Awareness" was developed. The EMP outlines 4 objectives to promote environmental awareness:

  1. Assess, evaluate and report on the City's environmental performance
  2. Develop an environmental strategy
  3. Continue to seek resident and stakeholder input on the City's environmental decisions
  4. Build awareness and understanding of the City's environmental initiatives.

To support these objectives the City of Windsor's Report On the State of our Environment (ROSE) and this website were developed to give the residents of the City of Windsor documentation to reference over time to better understand the changes occurring in our environment. 

This website also includes information on how the individual citizen can help the City of Windsor achieve the goals developed in Environmental Master Plan.  Though the City of Windsor will strive to fulfill all the objectives of the plan, the individual citizen should not minimize their importance to the plan's success or the benefits to our environment.  The website will be updated regularly and will include information on upcoming events.

Key Indicators

For more information on Environmental Initiatives
  • Phone: For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, call 519-253-7111 ext. 3226. 
  • Email: emp@citywindsor.ca