Goal D: Use Resources Efficiently
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Goal D: Use Resources Efficiently

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To increase resource efficiency, conserve water and energy and reduce waste
In the Environmental Master Plan, resources refer to energy use (municipal level as well as in the community), the amount of fuel consumed, the quantity of potable water used, the quantity of waste water generated, and amount of waste generated.  The Environmental Master Plan contains a series of actions to reduce our use of resources, therefore becoming more sustainable.  The numerous actions can be summarized by the following 4 objectives developed to achieve the goal of increasing resource efficiency:
  1. Adopt an environmentally friendly purchasing policy
  2. Recycle and Reduce wastes from City operations
  3. Establish a corporate energy management plan
  4. Promote "greening" of new and existing city facilities

The key indicators were selected to give a baseline perspective of the use of resources by both the City of Windsor and the community.

Key Indicators:

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