Goal A: Improve Our Air Quality
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Goal A: Improve Our Air Quality 

Air Quality logo of windTo be proactive by partnering with community groups, industry and other levels of governments to improve Windsor’s air and water quality.

Improved air quality is essential for a healthier environment and the well-being of Windsor residents. Addressing air quality calls on action from the City of Windsor and Windsor residents. The main source of outdoor pollution mainly emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels from industry, transportation, space heating and power generation.

The Environmental Master Plan outlines 9 objectives to improve Windsor’s air quality.

Air Quality

Sun shining through cloudsPoor air quality, or smog, creates both short-term and long-term health issues, leading to increased hospital admissions, more emergency room visits, higher rates of absenteeism, and even premature mortality for the elderly and people with existing respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Children, particularly those with asthma, are also vulnerable. It also damages crops and personal property.

Local industrial pollution, cross-border emissions and emissions from transportation corridors are some of the sources of air pollution in the city. Transportation-related air quality issues remain paramount in the city: the Windsor-Detroit Gateway is the busiest international trade corridor in North America and is Canada's largest border crossing. Over 16 million cars and trucks pass through the Windsor-Detroit Gateway every year (Ontario 2005). However, vehicle travel by residents throughout the City of Windsor is also a significant contributor to the air quality in the City of Windsor.

In October 2012, Windsor City Council approved the Green the City Fleet Manual. The guiding principle in this green fleet plan is to improve fuel efficiency, which will reduce air emissions and fuel costs. The actions selected for inclusion in the green fleet plan shall guide the City's fleet decisions to ensure the environment is considered in all decisions made.  

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