Emergency Response Plans

On May 2, 2005, City Council adopted the Emergency Response Plan (Updated March 2020). The Plan identifies the following hazards as having the greatest potential for significant risk to the community:

  • Winter power emergencies
  • Water emergencies
  • Severe weather emergencies, particularly blizzards, ice storms, and tornadoes
  • Hazardous materials emergencies - fixed sites and transportation accidents
  • Human health emergencies

Over the next few years, the City will be preparing individual response plans for each of the hazards identified above.  As these plans are produced, more detailed information about what you can do to respond to such an emergency will be communicated through Public Education initiatives. In the meantime, should an emergency situation arise in the City, radio and television stations will be utilized to broadcast public service announcements.  Information can be obtained by calling 311/211 as well.