Peace Garden

Peace Garden at the François Baby House

Windsor’s Community Museum at the François Baby House is the site of Windsor's Peace Garden (one of several throughout the area). This garden was created to honour 200 years of peace as part of the War of 1812 Binational Heritage Peace Garden Trail

Important Information about our Peace Garden

Historic House: While the François Baby House was being built, the American army under the leadership of General William Hull invaded Canada in July 1812, occupying the partially constructed home.

Labadie Roses: The Labadie family, who settled in this region in 1782, is credited with cultivating the Labadie rose that grows on the north side of the François Baby House and in the west garden.

Dougall Lilacs: Mayor James Dougall, Windsor's first horticulturist, began importing lilacs from Europe in 1849, and modifying their seeds. The lilac bushes on the south side are the result.

Jesuit Pear Tree: The Jesuit pear tree on the NW corner is a descendant of trees cultivated from seeds brought from France by Jesuit Missionaries. They mark the location of early French settlement.

The François Baby House was originally built in 1812. It is a National Historic Site because of its role in the War of 1812. American General William Hull occupied the house and property in July of 1812. In August 1812, after the Americans withdrew back to Detroit, the British Artillery under Major General Isaac Brock set up an artillery post on the property from which the British bombed Fort Detroit prior to capturing it on August 16th.

The François Baby House is owned by the Windsor Historic Sites Association, and the Museum is run by the City of Windsor. The south garden by Pitt Street was planted by the Greater Windsor Horticultural Society. The Parks Department of the City of Windsor planted the west garden. And, the Museum Volunteer Group assists in the upkeep of the garden.

This peace garden features many native plants. Also on the property are other heritage plants such as the Dougall Lilacs, a French Canadian Jesuit Pear Tree and Labadie Roses (described above).

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