Marty Gervais

Marty Gervais, Poet Laureate Emeritus, at Ojibway Prairie Complex

Poet Laureate 2011-2019; Poet Laureate Emeritus (as of 2019)

Well known Windsor artist Marty Gervais was the City of Windsor's first poet laureate, currently appointed to the honourary role of Poet Laureate Emeritus. An award winning poet, journalist, photographer, playwright, historian, editor, and teacher, Mr. Gervais said he would use his poet laureate appointment to create and read poetry in public places. His laureateship aimed to promote poetry to a wide and appreciative audience, while allowing the poet to strengthen the public's relationship to literature and to contribute to the cultural life of the city.

Mr. Gervais has won many awards and earned widespread recognition for his work, including the Toronto's Harbourfront Festival Prize for his contributions to Canadian letters and emerging writers. He was also awarded the City of Windsor Mayor's Award for literature on two separate occasions.

As the Resident Writing Professional at the University of Windsor, Mr. Gervais teaches courses in editing, publishing and creative writing. He also spends time in local area elementary and high schools, sharing his passion for creating with students of all ages. Mr. Gervais mentors these students in creative writing and editing, with a focus on the process for publishing their works. Five candidates were shortlisted for the first City of Windsor Poet Laureate competition: Bobby Bansal, C. H. "Marty" Gervais, Donna Hreceniuk, Dorothy Mahoney, and Laurie Smith.

Mr. Gervais was chosen by the Poet Laureate Selection Committee and confirmed by Council. He served two consecutive terms (2011 to 2019) before being appointed to the honorary role of Poet Laureate Emeritus.

New Works by Marty Gervais as Poet Laureate

Projects by Marty Gervais as Poet Laureate

  • Walk in the Woods: Portrait of the Ojibway Prairie Complex, 2021.
  • A Dance of Self-Isolation: Covid Poems from the Biggest Little City in Canda, 2020.
  • Windsor's Resilient Voices initiative, 2021
  • Poetry at the Manor - Vol. 5, 2018
  • Five Days Walking Five Towns - Poetry Book, 2017
  • Because We Have All Lived Here - Windsor125 Poetry Project, 2017
  • Poetry at the Manor - Vol. 4, 2017
  • Poetry at the Manor - Vol. 3, 2016
  • Touch the Darkness - Poetry Book, 2015
  • Poetry at the Manor - Vol. 2, 2015
  • Poetry on the Water - A Tall Ships Event, 2013
  • 3 Days in August/Whisky Sour City Anthology, 2013
  • Poetry at the Manor - Vol.1, 2013
  • Evening with Fred Wah - Canada's Parliamentary Poet Laureate, 2012
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