Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund (ACHF) Funded Projects 2021 Round 1

2021 Round 1 grant recipients and funded projects

Forty-nine applications totaling approximately $197,000 in requested funding were received and adjudicated by our jury for the first round of funding in 2021. We are pleased to announce that twenty-two of these projects have received ACHF funding in the total amount of $43,600. We extend our congratulations to the following:

Walter Cassidy: $4,000. “Lost & Found History of 2SLGBTQIA.” Funding to support creation of a document of the 2SLGBTQIA community history in Windsor-Essex.

Austin Di Pietro: $3,500. “The Bishop Boys album.” Funding to write, record and distribute a full-length album of original music.

Angelina Ebegbuzie: $2,500. “Our Truth, Our Story.” Funding to produce, edit and present an original documentary telling the stories of Windsor’s Black community.

Leslie McCurdy: $2,500. “What I Know Now.” Funding to edit, rehearse, record and present a performance piece focusing on Black history.

Frank Varga: $2,500. “Somewhere Along the Crosswalk.” Funding to produce, edit and present a local indie film about life and community in small towns.

4th Wall Music: $2,000. “2021-2022 Concert Season.” Funding to support the new season of classical chamber music, other genres, and original works by local composers.

Arts Collective Theatre (ACT): $2,000. “North of 50.” Funding to produce and present new stories for the stage with seniors.

Eric Branget: $2,000. “The Fantasy Fantasia Podcast.” Funding to produce, edit, present and promote new episodes of a locally made podcast.

Bill Dileva: $2,000. “The Giggle Mat.” Funding to produce and present episodes of a locally made children’s YouTube show.

Windsor Dance eXperience: $2,000. “Happy Ever After – Movie.” Funding to create, film and present an original indie dance film.

Donna Jean Mayne: $2,000. “The Golden Ear.” Funding to sketch and study for a future sculptural tribute to Rosalie Trombley.

Dane Roberts: $2,000. “Full-length album.” Funding to write, record, produce and present an original album on the theme of resilience.

Timothy C. Swaddling: $2,000. “Manifests Recording.” Funding to record, engineer, mix and master a debut album of original material.

Windsor Feminist Theatre: $2,000. “Letters to Grace.” Funding to promote and present a live version of an original theatrical work.

Abridged Opera Co.: $1,500. “Bite-Sized Bastien & Bastienne.” Funding to produce, rehearse and present a live, socially distanced performance of Mozart’s opera.

Bangladesh-Canada Association of Windsor-Essex: $1,500. “Boishakhi Celebration of Bangla New Year.” Funding to produce and present an online celebration encouraging inclusivity and featuring local artists.

Maria Belenkova-Buford: $1,500. “A Craftsman’s Journey.” Funding to create, edit and present an original film celebrating diversity and heritage.

Ostoro Petahtegoose: $1,500. “We Will Come for Your House.” Funding to research, write and edit an anthology of short local ‘ghost stories’ that draw on Indigenous identity and experiences.

Rachel Pieters: $1,500. “Queen for a Day.” Funding to create, frame, and present oil paintings and drawings of local drag queens in connection with Pride Weekend.

Ted Lamont: $1,100. “Stereobabe.” Funding to produce, release and promote three new songs and one video by a local musician.

Emily Lockhart: $1,000. “By the River.” Funding to promote and present a literary reading series spotlighting artists of Waawiiyatanong.

Michael Stasko: $1,000. “Kids on the Job.” Funding to produce, edit, score and present an original local indie film.

Of their collective experience working as part of the ACHF Jury for the first funding round of the year, the jurors said, “This experience as a juror for the ACHF was both exciting and fulfilling. After engaging discussions ... we left feeling positive and proud of Windsor’s creative community.” The jurors noted that they worked to select projects that would make the greatest impact in representing the arts in our community at this time.

Windsor/Essex Rainbow Alliance The Bishop Boys Our Truth, Our Story Leslie McCurdy Frank Varga 4th Wall Music Arts Collective Theatre (ACT) Eric Branget Bill Dileva Windsor Dance eXperience Donna Jean Mayne Dane Roberts Timothy C. Swaddling Windsor Feminist Theatre Abridged Opera Co. Bangladesh-Canada Association of Windsor-Essex Maria Belenkova-Buford Ostoro Petahtegoose Rachel Pieters Ted Lamont Emily Lockhart Michael Stasko