ACHF Round 1 Projects

2014 Round 1 Grant Recipients and Funded Projects

53 applications totaling $248,568 were received and adjudicated by our Jury for the first round of funding. We are thrilled to announce that 17 of these projects have received ACHF funding. We extend our congratulations to the following:
Living Through the Arts: $5,000 - Arts Programming at Bloomfield House will infuse arts and culture into the Sandwich Town community, connecting marginalized youth ages 7-20 through opportunities for enrichment, empowerment, and skills to sustain a healthy and viable community through self-expression in arts based activities.
Alana Bartol: $,4,800 - Art SEALS: Survival Skills Training Guide brings together eight artists for a series of two, three-day multidisciplinary community-engaged demonstrations, workshops and panel discussions to be hosted in both traditional arts venues and non-traditional public venues to engage and broaden current discussions on the value of arts, culture and artistic labour within the community.
Walkerville Artists Co-op: $3,500 - Project funding will ensure the co-operative will have the ability to establish a professional image from the first day of operating in the new location that will allow for a successful and long-term presence in Walkerville.
Alistair MacLeod: $3,000 - The novel No Great Mischief has been scripted as a play and will be performed in partnership with the University of Windsor departments of English and Drama. The event will present a staged reading of the novel using Windsor actors and musicians.
Susan Gold/Collette Broeders: $3,000 - WINDOWS on WINDSOR will dedicate a series of month-long window installations and performances in the windows of the studio one ten park: a working place to develop new ways of creating quality cultural experiences for our community. The window will include text, blog discussion, and a monthly “get together” for creative exchange.
Dan McCafferty: $3,000 - Peripatetic Libraries – Drouillard Versions will establish a community based studio and a community based library that jointly encourages residents of Ford City to think about how to define goals, ideals, and values of the residents through reflections and participation of the community.
Ian Baxter&: $3,000 - Ian will produce a photographic project on the history, people, environs, architecture, geography and the spirit of the City. Using mirrors, Ian will capture the reflective essences through all four seasons and will produce a major exhibition of the final photos that will tour across Canada with a book and digital references to provide an opportunity to promote Windsor’s cultural environment at a national level.
Erin Armstrong: $2,800 - The Opera Collaboration idea is a new and exciting creative initiative unique to Windsor. The project will combine local arts high school students with emerging voice professionals to work together in a positive way through performance.
Windsor International Film Festival: $2,500 - WIFF will present a special screening of a Canadian film with special guests in honour of the organization’s 10 year anniversary celebration.
Jeff Nadalin: $2,500 - The Birder Gala Premiere Project will demonstrate the area’s ability to execute a professional film.
Dan Wells: $2,500 - This project will host a series of monthly workshops in conjunction with monthly book readings that will build on Windsor’s reputation as a reading city, and will encourage people to think about how communication affects our lives through the creation of deeper public engagement with language, literature, and literacy in the region.
Arturo Herrera: $2,500 - The Wyandotte Corridor project is a study about the origin of food. From Isack Dr on the East side to Mill Street on the West. Wyandotte Street is by far the most populate diverse sector in the city. People from all over the world commute and live here. The project will represent the diversity through a collection of signs that will be installed on city street posts with information about this region of Windsor in Ontario.
Vince Allen Kogut: $1,500 - Vince will create a body of work that will consist of drawings and paintings depicting members of the labour community involved in visual narratives. He plans to not only celebrate the labour culture and heritage, but also encourages discussion on the meshing of the arts and the labour communities.
Can-Am Friendship Centre: $1,000 - These funds will be used to support the youth in making Regalia to wear during the Revitalizing Our Culture & Reclaiming Our Traditions gathering. The importance of this element in the overall project is to provide Native youth the opportunity to develop their self-identity and build a strong sense of culture and belonging.
Crissi Cochrane: $1,000 - Crissi will record and release original music performed by herself and produced locally with Windsor artists and engineers.
The Walkervilles: $1,000 - These funds will be used towards the production of vinyl records. This album was recorded live at Mackenzie Hall and was produced in Windsor by Windsor musicians and engineers.
Arts & Cultural Alliance: $1,000 - These funds will allow for the promotion of the Open Studio Tour, an annual event that encourages those in the culture sector to participate in celebrating and promoting the creative communities and artists that live and work in the City.

Living Through the Arts Alana Bartol Walkerville Artists Co-Op Alistair MacLeod one ten park: a working space Daniel McCafferty Ian Baxter& Erin Armstrong Windsor International Film Festival Jeff Nadalin - The Birder Dan Wells Arturo Herrera Vince Allen Kogut Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre Crissi Cochrane The Walkervilles Arts and Cultural Alliance