ACHF Funded Projects 2022 Round 2

2022 Round 2 grant recipients and funded projects

Forty-seven applications totaling approximately $180,000 in requested funding were received and adjudicated by our jury for the second round of funding in 2022. We are pleased to announce that twenty-seven of these projects - twenty-one individuals and six organizations - have received ACHF funding in the total of $59,000. We extend our congratulations to the following:

Louise Paquette. $5,000. Contemporary Dance Master Classes. Funding for artist fees for dance workshops and classes.

Elliott Hale. $4,000. Falling Through a Dream. Funding for artist fees, venue rentals, and production costs to create a short film.

Jillian Goyeau. $3,750. Talking Violet Music Video Cycle. Funding for artist fees for four music videos.

Tracey Atin. $3,500. Flutter Opera – Phase 2. Funding for artist fees for musicians and singers creating an original opera.

Gavin Booth. $3,500. Sunset Junkies. Funding for artist fees, production and post-production costs for an original dramatic short film.

Frank Varga. $3,000. Dolores Goes Downtown. Funding for artist fees for production costs for a short film.

Jaclyn Meloche. $3,000. Cars & Curves. Funding for artist fees, sculpture material costs, and finishing costs for four large-scale artworks.

Bangladesh-Canada Association Windsor-Essex. $3,000. International Mother Language Festival 2023. Funding for artist fees for Indigenous drummers, multi-discipline artists, dancers and more as part of a community culture and heritage festival.

Kristina Bradt. $2,500. Tiny Art Vending Machine – Phase 2. Funding for artist fees and documentation of an interactive visual arts project.

Paul Murray. $2,500. Music ‘n Arts Aid Live! Funding for artist fees and promotion of a multi-genre arts event.

Kamryn Cusumano. $2,350. Uma Loft Sessions. Funding for artist fees, video production and technical fees for an online video series highlighting local artists.

Windsor Classic Chorale. $2,300. Windsor Choral Festival. Funding for artist fees for a music festival.

Brodie MacPhail and Andrew Pardy. $2,000. Drawslaw. Funding for artist fees for an online artist spotlight series.

Filipino Community Centre of Windsor Essex County, Inc. $2,000. Funding for artist and performer fees for a culture, heritage and art festival celebrating diversity and inclusion.

Ashley Crawford. $2,000. Community Concert Series. Funding for artist fees and promotion of a community concert showcasing local artists.

Jamie Greer. $2,000. The History of Pro Wrestling in Windsor, Ontario. Funding for artist fees, photo and artifact licensing for creation of a book on local history.

Mike Hargreaves. $2,000. Mike Hargreaves 2023 EP. Funding for artist fees, session musicians, mixing and mastering, photography, production and video content for creation of an album of original music.

Rami Alsharak. $1,500. ClosetMetics. Funding for artist fees, production costs, editing, and materials for a storytelling project connected to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Windsor Feminist Theatre / Waawiiyaatanong Feminist Theatre. $1,450. Untitled Edele Winnie Play. Funding for artist fees and set design for a theatre production of an original play.

Michael Grainger Harris. $1,200. Huron Lines ‘Live in Windsor’ Performance Film Project. Funding for artist fees, film and audio production costs for a film project merging music and film across Windsor.

Jacob McLean. $1,200. Mellowdraw. Funding for artist fees, production and promotion of an original music video from an upcoming album.

Trans Wellness Ontario. $1,050. Queer and Trans Community Poetry Project. Funding for artist fees and printing costs for poetry workshops and corresponding chapbook sharing stories of the queer and trans communities in Windsor.

Walter Sviatoslav Petricyn. $1,000. Ojibway. Funding for artist fees, cinematography, sound, score, festival fees and more to begin work on a feature-length documentary on the company town of Ojibway.

Karen Morand. $900. Art Kitchen. Funding for artist fees, production and post-production costs for a podcast focusing on local music and poetry.

The Greater Windsor Concert Band. $800. Funding for venue rental for a special anniversary concert.

Laura Becker. $750. Compendium. Funding for gallery rental, material costs and promotion of a visual art exhibition.

Sarah Jane Baggio. $750. Noctuary Retrograde. Funding for materials and costs associated with creating and exhibiting a new series of paintings.

The City extends thanks to the ACHF Jury members who participated in the evaluation of the 2022 ACHF funding rounds. The jury consisted of the following:

  • David Burrows – returning juror; theatre and performing artist, arts board member, and teacher; and
  • Kaitlyn Karns – returning juror; administrative and outreach coordinator (Arts Council Windsor & Region), arts educator, community artist, dance/movement artist, musician, theatre and performing artist, arts administrator, arts board member, and arts programmer.
  • Madelyn Della Valle – Museum Windsor Curator with extensive experience in heritage and literature; administrator, programmer, educator, community board member; connected to many local heritage and cultural communities including the French and Italian communities.
  • Moya McAlister – arts education, community arts, media arts, theatre/performing arts, cultural activist, administrator, arts board member, programmer, educator, community board member, works closely with artists and creatives identifying as Black Indigenous and People of Colour.
  • Alexei Ungurena┼ču – Windsor’s current Youth Poet Laureate; visual artist, arts administrator, integrated arts, curator, programmer, cultural activist; identifies closely with the LGBTQ2S+ community around gender expression and arts expression.

“Since the launch of the City’s ACHF grant program, close to four hundred innovative projects have received nearly $850,000 in funding," said Mayor Drew Dilkens. "This program has a significant impact on the creative community while helping to celebrate and share the best of Windsor’s arts, culture and heritage sectors with the broader community. I am proud of Council’s recent increase to the available funding in the program, which helps us to continue investing in Windsor’s quality of life through arts, culture and heritage initiatives.”

Louise Paquette Elliott Hale Jillian Goyeau Tracey Atin Gavin Booth Frank Varga Bangladesh-Canada Association of Windsor Essex Kristina Bradt Paul Murray Kamryn Cusumano Windsor Classic Chorale Brodie MacPhail and Andrew Pardy Filipino Community Centre of Windsor Essex County Inc. Jamie Greer Mike Hargreaves Windsor Feminist Theatre - Waawiiyaatanong Feminist Theatre Michael Grainger Harris Jacob McLean Trans Wellness Ontario Walter Petrichyn Karen Morand Greater Windsor Concert Band Laura Becker Sarah Jane Baggio