ACHF Funded Projects 2018 Round 2

2018 Round 2 Grant Recipients and Funded Projects

Thirty applications totaling $104,240.02 in requested funding were received and adjudicated by our jury for the second round of funding in 2018. This was our first funding round to utilize our new electronic application system, and we are very pleased with the feedback. We are thrilled to announce that eighteen of these projects have received ACHF funding in the total amount of $43,600. We extend our congratulations to the following:

Abridged Opera: $3,242 – Amahl and the Night Visitors – Funds will provide artist fees for performers and musicians for a diverse opera production.

Luke Maddaford: $5,000 – LEFT Contemporary – Funds will support an ongoing curatorial project based out of a non-traditional exhibition space that increases the visibility and caliber of contemporary art in the region.

Kristina Bradt: $2,496 – “I Don’t Get It” Collaborative Exhibition between Kristina Bradt and Abigail Roelens – Funds will support a visual art exhibition and corresponding workshop to promote engagement and foster appreciation of the arts to help audiences consume art and poetry in a new way.

ACT Arts Collective Theatre: $3,000 – The Wiz Production Set Build – Funds will support the set design and build phases for the organization’s production that promotes diversity and inclusion in the theatrical arts in Windsor both on stage and behind the scenes.

Roye Truong: $2,000 – Trout Full Length EP – Funds will go towards artists and productions costs for a full-length album that promotes gender and racial diversity in music and encourages less-visible groups to write, play and perform.

Stefan Cvetkovic: $2,302 – You Can’t Dial the Sunn Album – Funds will support the production of an album that is a unique collaboration among diverse, local and cross-border musicians as well as a mix of musical genres that have yet to gain momentum in Windsor.

Natalie Nadeau: $2,500 – Industrial Foreplay Exhibition – Funds will go towards artist fees and production costs for a visual art exhibition that explores the link between the work of those in the trades, and the impact of that work on their identity, while honoring and celebrating factory environments.

Michael Hargreaves: $2,000 – The Family Soul Studio Recording – Funds will provide for artist fees and production costs for a studio recording by a growing soul band made up of a rotating group of local musicians.

Laura Service: $1,710 – Effigy: 100 Objects – Funds will go towards artist fees, materials and production costs for a visual art project – and culminating exhibition – that takes objects of personal value to participants, casts them in plaster, and collects stories from the object owners. The works will explore the relationships between art, our feelings, memories and storytelling, while fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts in the participants and audience members.

Michael Stasko: $4,500 – ‘Boys vs Girls’ film – Funds will support post-production work on the locally-created feature film, helping to foster growth and development of the local film community.

Windsor Classic Chorale: $2,900 – Windsor Choral Festival 2019 – Funds will support artist fees and production costs of a community music festival providing unique opportunities for singers01 of all levels to develop new skills, regional collaboration, resources for conductors, and student and youth engagement as it showcases the power of choral music to the audience.

Tracey B. Atin: $1,100 – Sephardic Heart – Funds will go towards artist fees and production costs for a concert and live recording celebrating the Sephardic culture and its relationship with other cultures: Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, etc. through music, to act as a bridge between communities.

Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative: $2,650 – Women’s Supper / Art Club – Funds will provide supplies and production support for a 12-week course that seeks to build relationships of trust and safety with women living on the streets through food and art. The program breaks down barriers by providing an atmosphere that nurtures creativity and imagination through different art activities

Riverfront Theatre Company: $1,700 – Where There’s a Will: Mini Shakespeare Festival – Funds will support production costs for a theatre festival that creatively engages youth in learning about Shakespeare, fosters a lifelong love of the performing arts, increases public access to the creative community, and breaks down barriers for youth involvement in the arts.

Windsor Essex Youth Choir: $1,500 – 2018/2019 Season Spring Concert – Funds will support artist fees and production costs of a concert by a choir that encourages children and families to be part of Windsor’s creative community and to make the arts central in their lives, while promoting diversity and inclusion across cultures.

Asaph Maurer: $2,000 – art: re-zoned – Funds will go towards materials and production costs for a visual art exhibition and mentoring program that brings diverse groups together (business, artistic, and community support groups) to develop new audiences and foster growth in the local arts sector.

Gemma Cunial: $1,000 – Rough Love: 1980s B-Horror Movie Parody – Funds will go towards artist fees, materials and production costs for a film project that provides an opportunity for young people to work on a film set and gain experience in Windsor’s filmmaking industry, while encouraging collaborations between local young actors, directors, technicians and artists, and women in the film industry.

Revolution Youth Theatre: $2,000 – Season 4: Multiple Productions – Funds will be support production costs for several productions over the course of a season for a youth theatre group that works to increase awareness and engagement among Windsor’s youth, allowing them to perform, direct, write, produce, build and create theatre productions to gain valuable experience in the performing arts. The goal of the company is to allow youth who otherwise may not have had the ability or option to be part of a theatre arts program to develop a love of the creative arts and to carry that passion into adulthood.

The ACHF Jury was excited by the variety of applications received, and the strength of the applications and projects themselves. They believe the projects selected for funding demonstrate a strong fit to the objectives and key priorities of the ACHF program. They were pleased to see some return applicants with some exciting projects, and some first-time applications illustrating that the cultural community of Windsor is thriving and continually evolving.

Additionally, the Jury commented on how they enjoyed the process – particularly the program’s move to an electronic application process - and appreciated the opportunity to make an impact on the arts, culture and heritage scene in Windsor. They strongly believe the funded projects will provide exciting and engaging opportunities for partnerships, new openings for emerging artists to make a name for themselves locally, and strong potential to help grow and develop new audiences and an even greater appreciation for the arts in Windsor.

The Cultural Affairs Team would like to extend thanks to the jury who participated in the evaluation of the 2018 ACHF funding rounds. The jury consisted of:

  • Adam Castle (cultural administrator, business owner and musician; returning juror)
  • Charmaine Valbuena (musician, cultural administrator and Board Director for a local cultural organization; returning juror)
  • Nadine Deleury (musician, performing artist)
  • Peter Hrastovec (performing artist, poet/writer, spoken word artist, arts organization board member)
  • Julie Tucker (arts and culture administrator, director of public programs and advocacy at regional arts council)
Abridged Opera Luke Maddaford Kristina Bradt ACT Arts Collective Theatre Roye Truong Stefan Cvetkovic Natalie Nadeau Michael Hargreaves - The Family Soul Laura Service Michael Stasko Windsor Classic Chorale Tracey B. Atin - Light of East Ensemble Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative Riverfront Theatre Company Windsor Essex Youth Choir Asaph Maurer Gemma Cunial - Rough Love Revolution Youth Theatre