ACHF Funded Projects 2017 Round 1

Arts, Culture + Heritage Fund (ACHF)

Forty applications totaling $154,997 were received and adjudicated by our jury for the first round of funding in 2017. We are thrilled to announce that eighteen of these projects have received ACHF funding. We extend our congratulations to the following:

Stephen J. Drouin: $4,900 - These funds will be used to provide sewing and design workshops to homeless youth in partnership with WYC.

Pat Jeflyn: $4,250 - These funds will be used to develop a documentary about Windsor’s Leslie McCurdy, an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, author and advocate for racial equality and social justice.

Windsor Classic Chorale: $3,600 – These funds will be used for an Artist Residency program leading to workshops and clinics that will culminate in a massed choir concert.

4th Wall Music: $3,250 – These funds will support 5 concerts in the 2017/18 season.

Vince Allen Kogut: $3,000 - These funds will be used towards artist fees and the completion of paintings and video for an upcoming exhibition.

Kate Victoria Hargreaves: $2,500 - These funds will be used for artist fees allowing the author time to focus on writing.

Donna Jean Mayne: $2,500 - These funds will be used for artist fees and costs associated with the research and creation of a clay bust of Mary Anne Shadd.

Ron Leary: $2,500 – These funds will be used for producer and musician fees, master, graphic design and duplication of a 10 song CD.

Zack Vivier: $2,500 – These funds will be used for studio costs to record and produce a full length album.

Judy Chappus: $2,500 – These funds will be used to create a mixed media, photo and paint portrait mosaic celebrating community diversity for Windsor’s 125th Birthday.

Terrance TeaJai Travis: $2,450 - These funds will be used to develop the stories of the Women of the Underground Railroad through poetry, spoken word and the magic of theatre.

Bike Windsor Essex: $2,000 – These funds will be used to create an artist drawn cycling map that will explore forgotten, unknown and known spots that represent a cross section of the city’s neighbourhoods.

Kaitlyn Kelly: $2,000 – These funds will be used towards a documentary that is an exploration of people and their relationship to cosmetics. It will also deal with cultural diversity, gender and celebrate our differences as human beings.

Sarah Elizabeth Fontaine: $2,000 – These funds will be used to record, mix and master an album.

Leslie McCurdy: $1,500 – These funds will be used to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the play, Spirit of Harriet Tubman, through the development of a souvenir program.

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario-Windsor Essex: $900 - These funds will be used to support two lectures celebrating Canada150.

Michael Paul: $750 – These funds will be used to produce his first solo CD.

Avery Meloche: $500 – These funds will be used to purchase traditional masks for the performance style Commedia dell’Arte.

Overall, the jury was excited with the variety of applications received and believes the applications selected for funding demonstrated a strong fit to the objectives and key priorities of the ACHF program. They were pleased to see more and more first time applications illustrating that the cultural community of Windsor is both thriving and stretching their artistic boundaries.

Additionally, the jury commented on how they loved the entire process and appreciate the opportunity to make an impact on the arts cultural and heritage in Windsor.

They strongly believe the funded projects all provide exciting and engaging concepts with great opportunities for partnerships and strong potential to help grow and develop new audiences and an even greater appreciation for the arts in Windsor.

Stephen J. Drouin Windsor Classic Chorale 4th Wall Music Vincent Allen Kogut Kate Victoria Hargreaves Donna Jean Mayne Ron Leary Zack Vivier Judy Chappus Bike Windsor Essex Sarah Elizabeth Fontaine Leslie McCurdy Architectural Conservancy of Ontario-Windsor Essex Michael Paul