2021 Round 2

2021 Round 2 grant recipients and funded projects

Twenty-five applications totaling approximately $88,500 in requested funding were received and adjudicated by our jury for the second round of funding in 2021. We are pleased to announce that seventeen of these projects have received ACHF funding in the total amount of $43,600. We extend our congratulations to the following:

Eric Branget: $4,100. The Fantasy Fantasia Podcast. Funding to produce, edit, present and promote new episodes of a locally made podcast featuring local actors and storytellers.

Madeline Doornaert: $3,850. Music video. Funding for actors, video directing and development, cinematography, editing, and colourist fees for a music video featuring original music by a local musician.

Essex County Black Historical Research Society: $3,625. Twentieth Anniversary Celebration – Tower of Freedom Monument. Funding for production costs for filming at the monument celebration, artist fees, and more in connection with a documentary of the historic celebration.

Max Marshall: $3,500. Limited Edition 45rpm Record Store Day release. Funding for graphic design, specialty art sleeve printing, promotion and production costs for an original music album.

Gemma Eva and Maria Hausmann: $3,500. Gen-Z short film collaboration. Funding for artist fees, production design costs, and festival submission fees for a mentorship project resulting in production of an original short film.

Meta Makers Cooperative Inc.: $3,500. Windsor Community Make It Series. Funding for artist fees and production and fabrication costs for a beginners-friendly introduction to the arts workshop series.

Crissi Cochrane: $3,500. Crissi Cochrane 2022 EP. Funding for session musicians, production, engineering and manufacturing (short run) for an EP of original music by a local musician.

Bill Dileva: $3,000. The Giggle Mat. Funding for artist fees and production costs to create and present episodes of a locally made children’s YouTube variety show.

Stephen Romanow: $2,500. Ghost book paintings and illustrations. Funding to support supplies, materials and artist fees for creation of visual artworks to accompany production of a book.

John-Paul Bonadonna: $2,500. Leave Those Kids Alone extended play (EP) album recording. Funding to record a new original album, including drum studio time, mixing and mastering for a local youth band.

Brendan Scott Friel: $2,500. 3 Track EPs. Funding for recording costs associated with the creation of a new album of original music by a local musician.

Anna Zaidman: $2,000. 7 Songs for Kids and Families. Funding for artist fees, and costs for design, production, fabrication, installation, recording studio time and more for an original musical composition.

Nadja Pelkey: $1,500. Photo Flora. Funding for materials and equipment, printing costs and artist fees for a visual art and photography series.

Hugh Leal: $1,025. Hugh Leal’s Windsor LIVE Jazz Collection, 1981 to 2020. Funding for audio mixing, engineering, leveling, mastering, art design, and artist fees for an album highlighting the work of a local musician, and featuring the talents of several other area musicians.

Dan Savoie: $1,000. This Tuesday’s Child short film. Funding for artist fees and products costs to create a short film featuring local actors, with a local crew.

David Carovillano: $1,000. What Will Become of Us? Funding for artist fees, production costs, and editing for an original music composition by a one-man orchestra.

Demetre Kalmantis: $1,000. Inertia film. Funding for props, costumes, and other production costs for an original film with local actors and crew.

The Cultural Affairs team would like to extend thanks to the ACHF Jury members who participated in the evaluation of the 2021 ACHF funding rounds. The jury consisted of the following:

  • Vanessa Shields – returning juror; writer, performer, arts administrator, arts programmer, arts entrepreneur, teacher, and board member;
  • Kevin Alexander – returning juror; musician, performer, arts critic, administrator, and community board member;
  • Kristina Bradt – preparator with Art Gallery of Windsor, Arts Council Windsor & Region staffer, visual artist, arts educator, community artist, arts administrator, programmer, and community board member;
  • David Burrows – theatre and performing artist, arts board member, and teacher; and
  • Kaitlyn Karns – administrative and outreach coordinator (Arts Council Windsor & Region), arts educator, community artist, dance/movement artist, musician, theatre and performing artist, arts administrator, arts board member, and arts programmer.
Eric Branget Madeline Doornaert Essex County Black Historical Research Society Max Marshall Gemma Eva Meta Makers Cooperative Inc. Crissi Cochrane Bill Dileva Stephen Romanow John-Paul Bonadonna - Leave Those Kids Alone Brendan Scott Friel Anna Zaidman Nadja Pelkey Hugh Leal Dan Savoie David Carovillano Demetre Kalmantis