2019 Round 2

2019 Round 2 grant recipients and funded projects

Thirty-six applications totaling approximately $147,000 in requested funding were received and adjudicated by our jury for the second round of funding in 2019. We are thrilled to announce that nineteen of these projects have received ACHF funding in the total amount of $43,600. We extend our congratulations to the following:

ACT | Arts Collective Theatre: $1,700. “Speak Your Mind – An Educational Arts Experience on the Impact of Alzheimer’s with Seniors.” Funds will support production costs and artist fees.

Anthony Joel McGraw: $3,000. “A Good Example of a Bad Situation.” Funds will support materials and artist fees for a short film production.

Brent Cusmanic: $2,000. “Tea Leaves – Full-Length Album.” Funds will support productions costs, promotion, artist fees, and artwork for a music album.

Christie Nelson: $2,000. “People Like Us.” Funds will support pre-production costs for a film project.

Colin McKinley: $1,500. “COLSTAPOP Gallery | Day Without Art.” Funds will support supplies, advertising and social media promotion, venue rental and materials for an art exhibition/workshop.

Douglas MacLellan: $2,000. “Exchange of Coffee.” Funds will support prints, framing, installation and artist fees for a photography exhibition in downtown Windsor.

Gemma Eva Cunial: $2,750. “Feminism Positive Musical | Working Title.” Funds will support artist fees and rental fees for production of a filmed version of an original musical.

House of Toast Film & Video Collective: $3,500. “Media City Film Festival’s 24th Annual Edition.” Funds will support artist fees and associated costs for the award-winning annual experimental film festival.

Judy Chappus: $2,500. “Sister.” Funds will support artist fees for adaptation of text, radio transcriptions, etc. depicting early 20th Century life in Windsor-Detroit to produce audio stories.

Kristina Bradt: $1,500. “Audio/Visual – Digital Landscapes of Windsor-Essex.” Funds will support artist fees and production costs for the creation of a new body of mixed-media artwork.

Mike Beauchamp: $2,800. “Synthesized Spaces.” Funds will support materials, supplies, marketing and artist fees for a free public electronic music showcase along the waterfront.

Muntasir Nasir: $2,000. “Multinational Mother Language Festival 2020.” Funds will support venue rental, marketing and promotion, materials, equipment and supplies for a cultural celebration.

Nicholas Angelini: $2,000. “Border Patrol – The Worst Excuses Album.” Funds will support production costs and artist fees for an album production and public release.

Revolution Youth Theatre: $2,000. “RYT Season 5.” Funds will support equipment rental fees, play rights, set construction materials, props and costumes for a community theatre’s fifth season.

Rosina Riccardo: $1,000. “CJAM Sessions: A Windsor Music Sampler.” Funds will support printing, manufacturing and postage for a CD showcasing and promoting Windsor musicians to radio stations abroad.

Stephen Romanow: $5,000. “Mural, Ukrainian National Federation Hall.” Funds will support materials, scaffolding, design, preparation, execution and artist fees for the creation of a mural on the Ukrainian National Federation Hall.

Windsor Classic Chorale: $1,800. “9th Annual Windsor Choral Festival & Concert.” Funds will support venue rental, piano tuning, and music score binding for the annual Windsor Choral Festival and Concert "United in Song."

Windsor Feminist Theatre: $2,550. “Women in Greek Theatre.” Funds will support artist fees, costumes, promotion, production and design costs for the local performances of the Windsor Feminist Theatre’s summer production.

Windsor-Essex Youth Choir: $2,000. “TAPESTRY: A Windsor Choral Celebration.” Funds will support music rentals, printing costs, production costs, and promotion for a project centred around recording choral music and producing video content for online.

There was a long and involved conversation amongst the jurors to determine the final outcome. Of their collective experience working as part of the ACHF Jury, the members said, “This program is very helpful for so many artists who make a positive impact on this community. This was a humbling opportunity to be able to witness and contribute to the growth of diverse artistry in our community ... so many of these applications are fantastic, and the decisions we had to make were difficult. This is proof positive that art is not an underground economy. It is very visible. It works, it is collaborative, and it puts dollars back into the local economy.”

The Cultural Affairs team would like to extend thanks to the ACHF Jury members who participated in the evaluation of the 2019 ACHF funding rounds. The jury consisted of:

  • Peter Hrastovec performing artist, poet, writer, spoken word artist, arts organization board member, and returning ACHF juror;
  • Charmaine Valbuena musician, cultural administrator, arts board member, and returning ACHF juror;
  • Carley Schweitzer – arts administrator, arts educator, arts programmer, musician, and cultural activist;
  • Erin Armstrong – artist, educator, musician, performer, arts administrator, arts programmer and teacher, arts entrepreneur, and arts board member; and
  • Vanessa Shields – writer, poet, performer, arts administrator, arts board member, arts programmer, arts entrepreneur, and arts teacher.
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