Little River Dike Improvement Project

The purpose of the Little River Dike Improvement Project is to assess the current condition of the dike and make the necessary repairs/improvements to the dike where required.


In 1983 a drainage report titled Repair and Improvement Little River Drain was undertaken to assess and improve the banks of Little River from the Via Rail tracks to Riverside Drive. The dike and the banks of Little River were at the time in a poor structural state of repair, suffering from erosion and high flow velocities. The banks and dikes were noted to be easily overtopped if exposed to the 1:100 year flood (a flood that statistically has a 1% chance of occurring in a given year). City Council at that time adopted the report under By-Law 7635. The report recommended improvements to the drain, and over the next few years those improvements were made. These improvements to Little River included the installation of the sheet pile wall and the dike you see today.

Info is available in the original 1983 Little River Drain Report and by-law 7635 that adopted it. Additional info is also available in the Ontario Drainage Act at the act's web page.

A Frequently Asked Questions sheet may help to answers questions you may have.

Public Information Meeting - July 13, 2017

A public information meeting took place on July 13, 2017 at the WFCU Centre. City administration from Engineering, Operations and Legal, as well as representatives from Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) were on hand to answer questions and address concerns. The City Engineer gave a brief presentation regarding the project. The information provided at the meeting can be reviewed at the following links:

Engineering Department
Infrastructure and Geomatics
350 City Hall Square West, 3rd Floor
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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For detailed inquiries, call Fahd Mikhael, P. Eng., at 519-255-6257, ext. 6734.
For general information, call 311.