East Riverside Shorewall

The City of Windsor hosted a public meeting on March 31, 2023, to address concerns regarding the condition of the shorewall abutting municipal lots 10864 to 11906 of Riverside Drive East. A report by Landmark Engineering Incorporated, "East Riverside Shorewall Assessment and Functional Design," was released, as well as a proposed amendment to the City's local improvement policy outlining how the shorewall could be maintained. Council Report C77/2023 is now available on the City of Windsor's City Council Meetings web page and has been deferred to the July 10 Council Meeting.

Condition of East Riverside ShorewallReferenced materials presented at the meeting are provided in the links below:

Resident Comments:

Affected residents may direct questions to Project Manager Isak Quakenbush at iquakenbush@citywindsor.ca or can request to become a delegate, also on the City of Windsor's City Council Meetings web page.

Project Contact:

Isak Quakenbush, P.Eng.
Project Engineer
(519) 253-7111 Ext. 3226
Engineering Department
350 City Hall Square West, 3rd Floor
Windsor, Ontario
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