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Cabana Road before and after photosPhotos: Left, Cabana Road West existing condition; right, Cabana Road between Howard and Dougall after construction

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The Cabana/Division Corridor Environment Assessment (EA) Study was completed in November 2005. This corridor has been identified as a priority in both the Windsor Area Long-Range Transportation Study (WALTS) and the Bicycle Use Master Plan (BUMP). The Cabana Road corridor is the only continuous east-west arterial roadway in South Windsor.

The intersections of Cabana and Howard, and Cabana and Provincial Road (including the at-grade railway crossing) were completed as part of the implementation of the preferred plans in the Howard Avenue EA and Provincial/Division Corridor EA.

City Council approved an overall project budget of $46 million in the 2016 Capital Budget for the implementation of the Cabana/Division Corridor EA and recommended multi-phase improvements between 2016 and 2025:

  • Phase 1 - Cabana Road East from west of Provincial Road to Howard Avenue was constructed in 2017-2018
  • Phase 2 – Cabana Road East and West from Howard Avenue to Dougall Avenue was constructed in 2018-2019.
  • Phases 3 and 4 – Cabana Road West from Dougall Avenue and Highway 3 is currently in the detailed design stage.
  • Phase 5 – Cabana Road East from east of Provincial Road to Walker Road is currently planned for design and tender in 2023.

Phase 3 and 4 Details

Learn More about the Proposed Improvements from the Phase 3 and 4 Project Team (Video, YouTube).

Approach to Road Closures

Side street road closures help to reduce conflicts and increase safety for all users along Cabana Road, including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists by reducing vehicular traffic turning into and out of the side streets. They also reduce the potential for cut-through traffic within residential areas.

Between Highway 3 and Dougall Avenue, the 2005 EA recommended the possible removal of access to Cabana Road for specific side streets based on volumes and proximity to signalized intersections. The side streets that were put forward in the EA as potential candidates for full or partial closure include Richardie Boulevard, Roxborough Avenue, Curry Avenue and Longfellow Avenue (north of Cabana). In addition to the potential candidates from the EA, the project team reviewed the corridor for other potential road closures and found that Daytona Avenue south of Cabana Road is a good candidate for closure. The following links contain the EA recommendations, the proposed design and the design rationale from the project team:

Proposed Cross Sections

The proposed design features 4 lanes of traffic with exclusive left turn lanes at signalized intersections; buffered bike lanes; sidewalks on both sides; curb and gutter; streetlights; and utility upgrades, including new watermain and storm sewer. The links below provide a cross sectional view of the proposed improvements:

Final Restoration Drawings

Once completed, Cabana Road will be much better equipped to service the needs of all users, including St. Clair College students, Transit Windsor users, cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles. The links below illustrate a plan view of the improvements:

Project Schedule and Next Steps

Ongoing - Enbridge Gas Phase 3 Relocations (Dominion to Dougall)

  • New gasmain on south side and relocation of existing gasmain on north side

Fall/Winter 2020 - Utility Relocation and Detailed Design

  • ENWIN Hydro Phase 3 relocation of guy wires and service poles
  • Completion of detailed design of Phase 3 and 4

2020/2021 - Property/Easement Acquisition

  • Property acquisition
  • Utility easement acquisition

2020/2021 - Road Closure Application Process

  • City administration to submit a road closure application for Environment, Transportation & Public Safety Standing Committee review and recommendation (public meeting notice will be distributed)
  • Standing committee report for council approval (public meeting notice as per council meeting routine)

2021 - Phase 3 Civil Construction

  • Road widening to four lanes with buffered bike lanes
  • New sidewalks on both sides
  • New streetlight poles on south side
  • Driveway/boulevard restoration
  • Watermain upgrades in Phase 3 and 4
  • New storm sewer installation
  • Sanitary sewer rehabilitation

2021 - Phase 4 Utility Relocation

  • Enbridge gas relocation
  • ENWIN hydro relocations
  • Telecommunications relocations

2022/2023 - Phase 4 Utility Relocations and Phase 4 Civil Construction

  • Completion of ENWIN hydro and telecommunications relocations
  • Road widening to four lanes with buffered bike lanes
  • New sidewalks on both sides
  • New streetlight poles on south side
  • Driveway/boulevard restoration
  • New storm sewer installation
  • Sanitary sewer rehabilitation

2023/2024 - ENWIN Hydro Phase 3 Relocation of Main Hydro Line

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Public consultation and input are very important to the project success. You are more than welcome to share your comments with us and raise questions/concerns. Please review and submit your online survey/comment form before September 4, 2020. As always, thank you for your input.

Project Contacts:

Jane He, P.Eng.
Project Manager, City of Windsor
Phone: (519) 255-6257 ext. 6358
Mark Hernandez, P.Eng.
Project Manager, Dillon Consulting
Phone: (519) 948-5000

For general information, call 311.

For detailed inquiries, please call Jane He at (519) 255-6257 ext. 6358.