Arrange for Inspections

For more information on inspections, call 519 255-6453.

Step 6: Arrange building inspection visits. Each major phase of construction must be inspected by our building inspectors to make certain the work conforms to the Ontario Building Code, the building permit and the approved plans.

Inspections required for your project will be indicated on the permit. Inspections do not happen automatically. It is your responsibility to ensure that either you or your contractor contact the City to request an inspection at least 24 hours before work proceeds from one inspection stage to the next. Failure to have inspections performed may result in the builder having to uncover and expose work for inspection. For inspections, call 519 255-6453. If our building inspector finds that some work does not conform to the approved plans, he or she will advise (and possibly provide written notice) that the situation is to be remedied. If the violation is serious, a stop-work order may be posted until the problem is resolved. Another inspection may be necessary before work is resumed.

Several inspections are required during construction to ensure that all work is done according to the approved plans.

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