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Building Services Contacts

For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, please refer to the table below:

​Topic ​Contact/Email ​Number
​General inquires/Complaints ​519-255-6267
​Fax ​Unavailable ​Unavailable
​Indemnity Deposit Refunds ​Cashier 519-255-6267 Ext. 6134
​Chief Building Official ​John Revell
​Administrative Assistant

Megan Howells

​519-255-6267 Ext. 6875
​Scheduling Inspections ​Dispatch ​519-255-6453
​Manager of Permit Services/Deputy Chief Building Official ​Joe Baker
519-255-6267 Ext. 6459
Applying for a permit
  • Fees
  • Application
​Customer Service
​Permit Status/Construction Statistics/
Property Letters/Website
​Amanda Santia
​519-255-6267 Ext. 6862
​Permit Inspection Services Inquiries  Cheryl Boily​

​519-255-6267 Ext. 6193

​By-Law Enforcement Services Inquiries

​Sheila Miao

​519-255-6267 Ext. 6265

​Manager of Inspections (Permits)
Deputy Chief Building Official

​Dan Lunardi
​519-255-6267 Ext. 6166
​Manager of Inspections (Enforcement)Deputy Chief Building Official ​Roberto Vani
​519-255-6267 Ext. 6834