• The Planning Department - Development Section administers a number of property-related functions and services, including:
    • Street naming, municipal addressing, street and alley closures and more. For more information, call 519-255-6543.
  • The Building Department administers a number of property-related functions and services, including:
    • Property standards, complaints, building permit inquires and more. For more information, call 519-255-6267.
  • The Engineering Department administers use of the public right-of-way, including petitions for upgraded municipal services (local improvements), sidewalk cafés, and encroachments. For more information, call 519-255-6257.
  • Property for sale or lease by the City is in most cases handled by the Office of the City Solicitor - Real Estate Division. For more information, call 519-255-6100 ext. 6403.
  • Tax Sale Properties: Contact 311.

Requesting Property Documents - Property Information Order Form

The following information is available for request through E-Services, Property Document Request:

  • Fire Department Realtor Letter
    • Date of last inspection
    • Notification of outstanding orders on the property
    • If Retrofit has been completed (if applicable)
    • For more information, call 519-253-3016 ext. 3721.
  • Public Works Sewer/Permit Letter - Can provide the following:
    • Record of sewer permits or other public work permits issued
    • Record of sewer eeling by the City and eligibility
    • Any sewerage fees that could apply
    • Record of local improvements
    • If property is subject to a pending work or correction order
    • Sewer types or servicing agreement for the property
    • For more information, call 519-255-6257.

  • Public Works Agreement Letter (Lawyer's Letter) - Provides an item-by-item response to specific agreements such as site plan control, subdivision, development, servicing, encroachments, etc. (instrument numbers required, copies preferred) regarding the issuance of permits (Building, Public Works) and verifies the status of agreement requirements relative to a specific property. For more information, call 519-255-6257.
  • Environmental Site Audit Letter - Provides any information known to the City of Windsor Engineering Department regarding contaminants, pollutants or sewer use by-law infractions that have affected the property. For more information, call 519-255-6257.
  • Tax Certificate - A tax certificate is a legal document that includes information such as legal description, current installments and arrears, if any. Please allow five to ten business days to process a tax certificate once the request and payment are received. For more information, call the 311 Customer Contact Centre by dialing 311 (alternate 519-255-2489) or contact by email.
  • Committee of Adjustment Decision Letter - Provides a written decision of the Committee of Adjustment. For more information, call 519-255-6543.
  • Zoning Compliance Letter - Can be obtained by call the Planning Department 519-255-6543 (fees vary).
  • Permit Finalization Letter - Lists permit numbers and dates completed only. For more information, call 519-255-6267.
  • Building Property Information Letter - Provides a list of building and by-law violations and permits issued with permit numbers, description, status and completion dates. For more information, call 519-255-6267 ext. 6862.

Follow this link to submit a property letter request by way of mail or online.

Planning Department
Development Section
350 City Hall Square West, 2nd Floor
P. O. Box 1607
Windsor, Ontario
N9A 6S1

Phone: For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, call 519-255-6267.
Fax: 519-255-7170