Welcome to Huron Lodge
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Welcome to Huron Lodge

Huron Lodge COVID-19 Update

Information as of 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday December 2, 2020:

When Windsor-Essex entered the provincial Orange (restrict) alert status, there were new restrictions introduced to our visitor policy. Under the current Red (control) status, or if we proceed to the Grey (lockdown) status, these same restrictions will continue.

One caregiver may continue to visit a resident at a time with up to two caregivers total identified by the resident or their substitute decision maker. General visitors are no longer permitted under the orange (restrict) status. In addition, all short stay resident absences are no longer permitted with the exception of medical appointments. The ministry has also enhanced the COVID-19 testing requirement to a negative COVID-19 result every seven days.

If you are calling the home for an update on your loved one, please note that the staff are working diligently to provide care and support to the residents. This means that the telephones cannot always be answered. Please leave a message on the nursing station desk with the information you are requesting. The messages are checked throughout each shift.

Home Area Extension
Poplar  48311
Willow  48321
Maple   48322


Hickory   ​48332



Sycamore   48342

The following protections have previously been implemented and remain in effect:

  • Active symptom screening of staff, essential visitors and anyone else entering the home.  Homes must screen all those entering the home, and screen those in the home twice daily (including temperature checks) with the exception of emergency first responders.
  • Active and ongoing surveillance of all residents including temperature checks: at least twice daily for all residents (at the beginning and end of the day).
  • All staff and essential visitors wear surgical/procedure masks at all times for the duration of full shifts or visits in the long-term care home.
  • Screening for new admissions: Screen and test all new admissions and all new residents must be placed in self-isolation for 14 days
  • Managing essential visitors. Essential visitors are defined as those who have a resident who is dying or very ill. In these instances, two visitors will be allowed.
  • Physical distancing of 2 metres of residents in communal dining rooms. Additional staff have been brought in to support each home area during meal service. All staff worked together to create a safe physical distanced dining area for our residents.
  • Allowing only one work location of staff members.
  • Changes to when an outbreak of COVID-19 is declared at a home, including when it is over, and
  • Specimen collection and testing for outbreak management

Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times.

Alina Sirbu
Administrator/Executive Director
Huron Lodge Long Term Care Home 

Previous Updates:

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Huron Lodge is a long-term care home that is operated by the City of Windsor. We are a home committed to ensuring that all of our 224 residents receive the best care and services possible. This is achieved through our resident’s first approach and the belief that a long-term care home is primarily the home of its residents. Our focus is on maintaining independence and supporting resident choice while providing an enriching quality-of-life experience. If you think Huron Lodge is the right place for you, click on the link below to watch a virtual tour or contact the social work department to book a tour.

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Mercedes Buhagiar, Social Worker
Phone: (519) 253-6060, then press 4 followed by extension 8237