Friends of Willistead

Exterior of Willistead Manor with a watercolour art finish

The Friends of Willistead are a non-profit volunteer organization in the City of Windsor. They are committed to the preservation, restoration and interpretation of Willistead Manor, and are dedicated to the promotion of public awareness and appreciation of Willistead Manor as part of Windsor's unique cultural and artistic heritage. They raise funds for preservation, restoration and acquisitions for Willistead Manor in Olde Walkerville. In existence for over 40 years, the group has over 50 volunteer members to date. Membership costs $20 and ten hours of volunteer time per year. The Friends of Willistead are always ready to welcome new members and look forward to opportunities to enhance Willistead Manor - the City of Windsor's historic gem.

For information on membership: email

For information on events: call Connie Pitman at 519-972-1740 or Jacquelyn Capaldi at 519-981-6573.

For event bookings: call Willistead Manor at 519-253-2365.