Municipal Cultural Master Plan
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Municipal Cultural Master Plan

Sculpted bronze face with park background
The City of Windsor commissioned a Municipal Cultural Master Plan (MCMP) in late 2008 in order to provide guidance to the municipality regarding its investment of human and financial resources in support of the community's arts, culture and heritage sectors.

The plan was developed through an extensive public consultation process that included interviews, surveys, workshops, focus groups and open houses, as well as a benchmarking exercise that examined the efforts of other Ontario communities to develop their cultural sectors. 

The MCMP mapped out 16 recommendations to strengthen and develop culture in the City of Windsor. The Cultural Affairs Office is in the process of implementing these recommendations.

Progress can be tracked here through posted news items, related links and supporting documentation. 

Cultural Affairs Survey

The Cultural Affairs Office is committed “To act as a catalyst and facilitator to ensure the provision of a range of affordable and accessible opportunities for engagement in cultural activities, services, and facilities to residents while at the same time building up a base of unique cultural attributes and activities for visitors, residents, investors, and businesses.”

Thank you everyone who participated in the Cultural Affairs Survey –
survey is now closed (October 31, 3:00 p.m.)

As we continue to move forward on a number of initiatives recommended in the Municipal Cultural Master Plan, we will utilize the results from the survey towards the next steps to enhance our city.  

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Most Recent Cultural Summit

On August 17 2016, over 50 members of the arts, culture and heritage community gathered at the Chimczuk Museum (401 Riverside Drive West) for the 2016 Cultural Summit. Guests were presented with a 2015 review that focused on the Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund (ACHF) grant program, Windsor Sculpture Park updates, the museum expansion project, and highlights of some upcoming events including Doors Open, Culture Days, and w.a.v.e.s. 2016.


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