Mayor's Arts Awards
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Windsor Mayor's Arts Awards

Mayor Dilkens with recipients of the 2018 Windsor Mayor's Arts Awards

2020 Windsor Mayor's Arts Awards - COVID-19 Update, March 19, 2020  

As part of the ongoing response to COVID-19, the Windsor Endowment for the Arts (WEA) and the City of Windsor have agreed to postpone the 2020 WEA awards and grants celebration, as well as the Windsor Mayor's Arts Awards.

Summary of Adjustments

  • The May 31, 2020 WEA and Windsor Mayor's Arts Awards celebration at the Capitol Theatre has been cancelled
  • Applications for WEA awards and grants will continue to be accepted until the March 31, 2020 deadline
  • Applications for the Windsor Mayor's Arts Awards will continue to be accepted until the March 31, 2020 deadline
  • When a new celebration date is confirmed, both programs will re-open the application window for a period of two months, in advance of the new ceremony date
  • Applications submitted between January to March 2020 will remain eligible and do not need to be re-submitted, unless applicants choose to revise their original application
  • For the WEA grants, applicants are not required to use the grant funds this year, and can seek funding for projects taking place in 2021 or 2022

Both the Windsor Endowment for the Arts, and the City of Widnsor are committed to ensuring the safety, health and well-being of the creative community, and the broader community of Windsor-Essex. We wish to ensure that local artists and arts organizations are able to focus on their work, their businesses and their families during this evolving situation. We will provide updates on these programs in the future, and as new information becomes available.

About the 2020 WEAs and Windsor Mayor's Arts Awards  

The Windsor Mayor's Arts Awards celebrate the individuals and organizations that develop and promote the "Soul of our City" by recognizing those who support locally developed arts--providing exciting, surprising, and meaningful opportunities to strengthen our creative community.

These three awards include monetary support and a special keepsake. The award program is one component of the Municipal Cultural Master Plan approved by City Council in 2010 to strengthen and develop culture in the city.

Nominees may be self-nominated or nominated by a peer.

The awards are presented every two years in partnership with Windsor Endowment for the Arts.

The Windsor Endowment for the Arts will also present merit awards, arts infrastructure grants, emerging artist grants, the Elizabeth Havelock grant, the Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation youth grant in the arts, and the Eric Jackman youth grant in the arts. For details on the 2020 WEA awards and grants, please visit   

Windsor Mayor's Arts Award Categories 

Mayor's Arts Awards: Individual Artist - $1,000. Presented to an individual artist engaged in a broad spectrum of activities having to do with creating, practicing or demonstrating art. Art is broadly conceived to include all genres within the following disciplines: performance, visual, literary, media/new media, and design. 

Mayor's Arts Awards: Arts Organization - $1,000. Presented to an arts organization that demonstrates a clear commitment to creating, practicing and demonstrating art within the community. 

Mayor's Arts Awards: Volunteer - $500. Presented to an individual that supports the arts by providing their own time and services without receiving payment for their volunteer work.   

Nomination Guidelines 

  • Nominees for the Mayor's Arts Awards must live, work, volunteer, attend school, display or perform within the City of Windsor
  • A nominee may be nominated for only one award per year
  • City of Windsor staff members are not eligible for an award
Nomination information must include:
  • One 5 x 7 digital photograph of the nominee. Please note, the image may be used in marketing materials to promote the Mayor's Arts Awards.

Please provide 3 copies of each of the following:

  • Signed and fully completed Nomination Form
  • A brief description (maximum 250 words) highlighting the contribution you believe the candidate (nominee) has made to the arts and the arts community in the City of Windsor 

Please provide 3 copies of Support documents, which could include:

  • A list of accomplishments, awards or recognition relevant to the nomination
  • A list of published works and/or performance appearances
  • A sample of the nominee's commitment of time and energy to an organization
  • A sample of the nominee's work (photocopies - please do not send originals)
  • Other relevant materials that would support the success of the application

* Please note that support documents should not be more than a maximum of 5 pages in total.

Choosing Award Recipients

Nominations for the Mayor's Arts Awards will be juried by a panel of three judges consisting of:

  • Community Development and Health Commissioner and Corporate Leader Social Development, Health, Recreation and Culture
  • A member from the Arts Community
  • A member of the University of Windsor and/or St. Clair College

Administrative support will be provided by the Cultural Affairs department. The recommendations made by the panel will be delivered to the Mayor for endorsement prior to the awards ceremony.

Submitting your Nomination Form

Forward the fully completed and signed Nomination Form, along with any support documents to:

The Corporation of the City of Windsor
c/o Recreation & Culture, Cultural Affairs Section
2450 McDougall St
Windsor, ON   N8X 3N6