Monument of Memories

Monument of Memories

Alzheimer Society
Monument of Memories, 2006
Granite, 160-248 x 38 x 139 centimetres

Etched into west face:

In 1906 Dr. Alois Alzheimer discovered a progressive, degenerative brain disease with no known cause or cure that later became known as Alzheimer’s disease. His work was the first to change the common belief that cognitive impairment was a normal part of aging.

The Alzheimer Society of Windsor & Essex Country, founded by the late George Sims and Marilyn Brown-Skinner, chose to mark its 25th anniversary and the centennial of Dr. Alzheimer’s discovery in 2006 with this Monument of Memories, giving people the opportunity to etch memories in stone and celebrate the lives of loved ones. The names that appear are not solely of individuals who have lived with Alzheimer’s disease but who have supported the cause.

This monument also stands to recognize the commitment and sacrifices of Alzheimer caregivers who unconditionally care for Alzheimer and dementia-related sufferers.

Monument of Memories Monument of Memories