Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund (ACHF)

2023 Round 1 grant recipients and funded projects

Fifty-six applications totaling approximately $250,000 in requested funding were received and adjudicated by our jury for the first round of funding in 2023. We are pleased to announce that nineteen of these projects – fifteen grants to individuals, and four grants to organizations – have received ACHF funding in the total of $59,000. We extend our congratulations to the following:

Shô Art Studios. $5,000. New Canadian Kid by Dennis Foon. Funding for artist fees for a theatrical production.

Kristen Siapas. $5,000. Jazz in the Park. Funding for artist and producing fees, venue costs, and promotion of an outdoor public concert series.

Maryam Safarzadeh. $4,920. Travelling to Persia. Funding for artist fees for a youth arts and culture summer camp experience.

Black Women of Forward Action. $4,500. Our Truth Our Story. Funding for artist fees for six original songs for an original documentary.

Teajai Travis. $4,400. A Blaze of Story Podcast. Funding for artist fees and podcast production costs.

Gemma Eva Cunial. $4,000. Give Me Action. Funding for artist fees, production costs, studio rental and associated costs for a feature film production.

Jamie Greer. $4,000. The History of Pro Wrestling in Windsor, Ontario. Funding for photo licensing, interviews, exhibition memorabilia and more for the next phase of a literary arts and history project.

The Artists of Colour. $4,000. Never-Ending Quest for Inclusion. Funding for exhibition construction, venue, installation, and artist fees for a visual arts exhibit.

Nicolas Lamoureux. $3,500. Bicycle Powered Plastic Shredder. Funding for materials, safety features, and educational and promotional materials for a new artwork and exhibition.

Kevin Blondin. $3,300. Windsor Drag Archives. Funding for artist fees, design and development, web hosting and promotion of an online archive.

Arts Collective Theatre – ACT. $3,150. ACT Youth Creative. Funding for set construction and costumes for a theatrical production and program.

Paul Montainier. $3,000. Brewing for Comedy Festival. Funding for artist fees, marketing and administration for a local comedy festival.

Maria Belenkova-Buford. $3,000. Song of the Nereid. Funding for artist fees, crew fees, editing, sound and music, and venues for a local short film.

Kaitlyn Karns. $2,000. The Broadway Bunch. Funding for artist fees, music fees, venue costs, and marketing and promotion for a cabaret-style production.

Matt Bhanks. $1,200. Altered Alliances Web Series. Funding for post-production costs and artist fees for a live-action adaptation of a novel series.

Batool Yahya. $1,080. Art by Those Who Have Experienced Homelessness in Windsor. Funding for art supplies, gallery rental, artist fees and promotion of a social-justice themed art exhibit.

Allesandro Rotondi. $1,000. Gentle Giant. Funding for artist fees, studio rental, graphic design and musicians towards a full-length original album.

Russell Alexander Macklem. $1,000. South Detroit Connection Album and Documentary. Funding for album art, pressing vinyl and compact discs (CDs), and documentary production in support of a music project.

Dale Burkholder. $950. South West Ontario Handbell Festival. Funding for clinician, music and facility rental for a new festival celebrating handbells.

“Since the launch of the City’s ACHF grant program, over four hundred innovative projects have received nearly $900,000 in funding," said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens. "This program has a significant impact on the creative community while helping to celebrate and share the best of Windsor’s arts, culture and heritage sectors with the broader community. I am proud of Council’s recent increase in program funding, and continued investment in Windsor’s quality of life through arts, culture and heritage initiatives.”