West Windsor ​Flood Assessment Study

The City of Windsor is undertaking a flood risk assessment study to develop a flood risk profile for the West Windsor area under extreme Detroit River water levels and to identify recommended flood protection solutions. The study area is generally bounded by the Detroit River to the west, Huron Church Road and Ambassador Bridge to the north, the Essex Terminal Railway and College Street to the east, and the Town of LaSalle municipal boundary to the south, as shown on the Project Location Map. 

Project Location Map, as detailed above 

A climate risk assessment was prepared using the Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee (PIEVC) protocol to evaluate the impacts of extreme weather and climate change on coastal flooding in the West Windsor study area. Solutions are targeted at reducing coastal flooding and inflow and infiltration (I&I) into the municipal sewer system due to extreme Detroit River water levels.

Virtual Public Information Centre

The City of Windsor has prepared a virtual Public Information Centre (PIC) to present the project scope and purpose, the flood risk study methodology, the effects of the flooding and flood mitigation solutions. The City is inviting interested persons to view the PIC at the following link: West Windsor Flood Assessment Study - Public Information Centre (PIC) - YouTube Video.

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Aojeen Issac, M. Eng., P. Eng.
Engineer II
City of Windsor
350 City Hall Square, Suite 310
Windsor, Ontario, N9A 6S1
Phone: (519) 255-6100, ext. 6368
Email: aissac@citywindsor.ca

Nick Emery, P. Eng.​
Project Manager
Dillon Consulting Limited
130 Dufferin Avenue, Suite 1400
London, Ontario, N6A 5R2
Phone: (519) 438-1288