Residential Rental Licensing Challenge Dismissed


On March 25, 2024, Justice K.A. Gorman of the Ontario Superior Court concluded that the City of Windsor’s Residential Rental Licensing (RRL) By-law was passed in good faith and dismissed the application of some property owners (landlords) to quash the by-law. The Court’s decision reaffirms the City’s intended approach to addressing the safety of its residents while upholding legal standards and principles.

The by-law is part of the RRL Pilot Study that was launched in February 2023 in wards 1 and 2 with the goals of improving safety in existing rental housing stock and enhancing proactive enforcement efforts for property standards.

The City will continue to administer the program as intended. As it has since the pilot study began, the City will focus its efforts on education and securing voluntary by-law compliance.

The RRL By-law calls for owners of properties in Ward 1 and Ward 2 containing one to four units to secure a residential rental licence for each rented unit as soon as possible.

Details on the pilot study can be found on the City website, including guides to the licensing process, sample documents to clarify requirements, and responses to a number of frequently asked questions (FAQ). Find it all at

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