Reimagining Adie Knox – $1.4 million in Wilson Park Improvements


The finishing touches are now in place, and a double-lane batting cage for baseball and cricket is now open for use at Wilson Park, 700 McEwan Avenue. 

As part of the Reimagined Adie Knox Herman Recreation Complex, Wilson Park has undergone several significant enhancements in recent years. In 2022, a new large accessible playground and splash pad were added, providing recreational options for children of all abilities. In 2023, new sports courts were added, including one basketball court, one tennis court, and four pickleball courts. Finally, the installation of the batting cages marks the culmination of recent improvements and paves the way for future enhancements. These improvements represent a total investment of approximately $1.4 million in Wilson Park, enhancing the quality of recreation amenities for all to use.

The Reimagined Adie Knox Herman Recreation Complex:

The Reimagined Adie Knox Herman Recreation Complex project aims to revitalize and expand the facilities at Wilson Park. The project includes the design and construction of various new amenities and improvements, ensuring that the park and facility continue to meet the evolving needs of the community. Key components of the project include the following:

  • New outdoor basketball court (complete)
  • New outdoor tennis court (complete)
  • New outdoor pickleball courts (complete)
  • New splash pad (complete)
  • New large accessible playground (complete)
  • New outdoor baseball and cricket batting cages (complete)
  • Outdoor walking trail (ongoing)
  • New parking area with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations (ongoing).
  • Building works, including a new gymnasium, change rooms, program rooms, etc. (ongoing)

This project is part of the City’s 2024 capital budget, which invests $23.5 million in parks, facilities, and recreation across the city; and the 2024 operating budget, which allocates $46.2 million towards parks, facilities, and recreation operations. Looking forward, the 10-year capital plan will invest more than $184.5 million in City parks, arenas, and recreation.

Currently in the design phase, the Reimagined Adie Knox Herman Recreation Complex project is scheduled to commence construction in late 2024. Once completed, the complex will provide modern recreational space for residents of all ages and abilities, reinforcing Wilson Park’s role in community life in Windsor.


"Today’s update marks the culmination of recent improvements and paves the way for future enhancements at Wilson Park. This summer, it’s been exciting to join City councillors to announce important upgrades to Remington Booster Park, McHugh Park, and the Lanspeary pool. These projects reflect our commitment to Building Windsor’s Future by enhancing recreational opportunities and improving the quality of life for all residents.” - Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens

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