Free Dog Licences


New dog owners in Windsor, who have microchipped, and either spayed or neutered their pet, can apply for a free dog licence.

Dog licences are still mandatory in the city, but the annual fee is no longer required for dogs that meet the spay/neuter and microchipped criteria.

The change to free licensing was at the direction of City Council during the 2024 budget session. Council also approved reimbursement of the fee for owners who have already purchased a licence this year and meet the approved criteria.

To receive reimbursement, owners must provide the Licensing Division with the following:

  • Proof of Microchipping
  • Place of Dog Licence Purchase
  • Dog Owner’s Complete Address
  • Dog Owner’s Name
  • Dog’s Name

The above can be provided to the Licensing Division via email, via regular mail, or in person. Your refund will be processed and mailed out to you once all information has been verified.

Contact Information:

Licensing Division,
350 City Hall Square West,
Suite 110, N9A 6S1

Call: 519-255-6200, Option #1.

For more information on dog licences, please visit the Dog Licences page of our website,, or call 311.

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