Councillor Ed Sleiman Biography

Councillor Sleiman believes that the growth and prosperity of our City lies in the ability of our Councillors to be fiscally responsible, transparent, accountable and approachable. He believes in reducing our City's debt and providing quality public services at a cost the taxpayers can afford.

Councillor Sleiman's priorities:

  • Invest in roads and sewers to enhance our city.
  • Support job creation through economic development and tourism
  • Continue to invest in the revitalization of Ford City.
  • Promote positive relations with our neighbours and senior levels of government
  • Develop a community that reflects the value of Windsor residents.

Prior to being elected to City Council, Ed served on the City of Windsor Committee of Adjustment and the Planning Advisory Committee. He is a past member of the Board of Directors of Ontario Association of Committees of Adjustment and Consent Authorities.

Councillor Sleiman worked in the construction industry most of his life and earned a multitude of certifications in steam fitting, welding, gas and liquid fuel. His involvement in management and workers in the construction industry gave him the insight and knowledge to be the most effective watch dog on City Council to minimize any potential cost overruns on City infrastructure and building projects.

Councillor Sleiman is a graduate of the University of Windsor, where he earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Industrial/Mechanical Engineering and an Associate Degree in Industrial Training from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ed studied Management at St. Clair College and taught trade related courses to Journeymen and Apprentices. He is a past member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario and the American Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Councillor Sleiman also serves on the following Agencies, Boards and Committee's:

  • Community Services Standing Committee (Chair)
  • Court of Revision Committee
  • ENWIN Energy
  • Ford City Business Improvement Association (BIA)
  • Huron Lodge Committee of Management
  • International Relations Committee
  • Pillette Village BIA
  • Property Standard Committee
  • Windsor Canada Utilities
  • Windsor Detroit Tunnel Corporation
  • Windsor Licensing Commission
  • Windsor Utilities
Councillor Sleiman and his wife Frances live in Ward 5 and have 2 children Michelle and Mark.