Councillor Angelo Marignani Biography

Angelo Marignani was born and raised in Windsor by his immigrant parents, Franco and Felicia. Angelo attended and graduated from the University of Windsor earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. After graduating, Angelo travelled to Tokyo, Japan, where he worked and lived for eight years. In Japan, Angelo was a teacher and a human resource personnel for NCB, Nova, and Mitsubishi Industries. In 1998, Angelo returned to Windsor where he became an entrepreneur in our downtown core, opening Milk Coffee Bar with a mission statement to nurture the creative spirit of Windsor. In 2016, Angelo sold his business and now is currently working at Magna International Integram division. Angelo Marignani has lived in Ward 7 for over 18 years with his wife Dayna, who teaches for the Greater Essex County District School Board, and his two children.

Angelo Marignani has been listening to your concerns and advocating since 2010. Angelo is 100% for the new hospital being built on County Road 22 and 9th concession and will do whatever he can at the municipal level to have it built sooner than later. Angelo's vision is to build a brighter tomorrow for the people of our community, a future for our youth and security for our seniors. Angelo will put taxpayers first, work hard for job creation and ensure clean and safe parks and public spaces.

Angelo feels it is crucial to focus on our road quality and safety. He will work on improvement to Tecumseh Road; Banwell Road; the E.C. Row Expressway; and Forest Glade Drive intersections, as they are some of the most dangerous in our city. Economic growth and job creation are also very important to Angelo: attracting new businesses and opportunities to Windsor with the ultimate goal of economic growth and youth retention. Clean and safe will be Angelo’s guiding rule in all policy decisions for our city.

Angelo plans to create collaborations with our fantastic neighbours to the north, Detroit, to create a world class international community.

Angelo has served in several agencies, boards and committees:

  • Vice Chair, Marketing Chair and Development Chair of the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association, helped create the Downtown Accelerator along with family events such as Balloonapalooza
  • Windsor Endowment for the Arts
  • Windsor Symphony Armory Board
  • City of Windsor Small Business Committee
  • Downtown Windsor Accelerator Board
  • Downtown Windsor Farmers Market

Angelo is sitting currently as a director on these agencies, boards and commissions:

  • Development and Heritage Standing Committee
  • Committee Court of Revision
  • Essex Region Conservation Authority
  • Essex Region Conservation Authority Foundation
  • International Relations Committee (Chair)
  • City Hall Esplanade Committee
  • Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island Committee
  • Windsor Detroit Tunnel Corporation Borderlink
  • Windsor-Essex County Health Unit
  • Windsor Licensing Commission
  • YQG Windsor Airport Board

Angelo Marignani believes we need to improve as a city. Angelo will look at best practices that are currently being employed by other communities that are successfully attracting industries such as medical sciences, manufacturing, and the technology sectors. Angelo will promote our Community Incentive Programs especially in the field of health sciences and medicine. We have an aging population, and to ensure our seniors have security, we must attract these amenities that will accommodate all residents, allowing for a quality of life that you deserve. Angelo has heard your concerns about our city's infrastructure – we must improve our basement flooding program and be proactive, as storms are becoming more severe. Improving our east/west corridors, especially Riverside Drive, Tecumseh Road and Forest Glade Drive. We must enhance our curb appeal if we want to sell Windsor to potential investors, businesses and newcomers. For example, Tecumseh road between Banwell and Lauzon Road should be changed from a four-lane to a six-lane road with dedicated left and right turning lanes; this will ease traffic congestion. Tecumseh Road, for example, can be improved by putting up sound barriers in front of the fences of Forest Glade homes and a Ganatchio Trail–type path in front of the sound barrier making it clean and safe and improving the curbside appeal. These changes in infrastructure will greatly improve the quality of life for the residents of Forest Glade, who are faced with noise pollution from both the traffic and the trains. When we make our city attractive, it stimulates economic growth. An example of this occurred when the City decided to beautify Coventry Gardens with the Peace Fountain in 1974. As a result, five new condominiums were built across from it, which is one of the highest concentrations of tax revenue for the City.

Angelo will take a common sense approach with our road construction. For example, the new roundabout being installed at the Mulberry/Banwell intersection. Angelo will work towards finally getting a grade separated intersection at the expressway and, more importantly, at this point in time a westbound dedicated on-ramp to help with the congestion that occurs at peak hours. Other areas of focus regarding infrastructure would be speeding and traffic enforcement; urban planning that incorporates bike paths and better public transit; and improvement to Sandpoint Beach, Little River Corridor, Stillmeadow Park, Blue Heron Park and Optimist Park, to name a few.

Angelo will support prioritizing our tax dollars on our current assets and putting a hold on big-ticket items. Angelo will work hard for the taxpayers to build strong neighborhoods; job creation/retention; and clean, safe and healthy parks. Angelo will review our costs and make sure we are efficiently spending our tax dollars as well as receiving full utilization of our services and assets. For example, we need to stop digging up roads one year only to go back the following year and dig it up again. Angelo will continue to reduce our debt, as his 17-year business experience has taught him that this is equal to security and attractive to investors. Reviewing our utility costs, Angelo will look into removing fixed surcharges from our bills and charge only for what we use. This will promote conservation of our resources and reward those who conserve, ultimately helping our families on fixed incomes as well as our environment.

Angelo’s first priority will always be the residents of East Riverside and Forest Glade; please feel free to contact Angelo if you have any concerns.