Windsor Works Report

In February of 2020, Windsor City Council commissioned an economic development report called Windsor Works - An Economic Development Strategy for the City's Future Growth. Between February 2020 and February 2021, City officials worked with an expert firm to complete detailed research involving hundreds of hours of local stakeholder consultations. Qualitative analysis was done along with benchmarking against other cities in Canada and the world in relation to productivity and labour market performance. Case studies were reviewed and economic success stories incorporated.

This report is the culmination of that work:

Windsor Works, An economic development strategy for the city's future growth

Windsor Works: Report Back on Implementation Plan (43 MB) outlines how City administration is approaching the Windsor Works Economic Development Initiative (the "Windsor Works Initiative") based on the strategy and recommendations given in the Windsor Works Report. It includes internal actions already underway, planned actions to achieve "key enablers" critical to the overall initiative's success and proposed next steps.

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