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Lottery Eligibility Guidelines

Eligibility and Use of Proceeds

  • To be eligible for lottery fundraising an organization must demonstrate that one of its primary purposes meets the guidelines for one of the following classifications of charitable purposes:

a) Relief of Poverty

  • Must assist those who are in financial need, distressed, suffering or experiencing social disadvantage, such as:
    • The homeless
    • Disabled persons
    • Victims of crime

b) Advancement of Education

  • Must provide programs that are geared toward scholastic and vocational training for individuals.
  • This includes the provision of opportunity, supplies or facilities, for such as:
    • Public schools
    • Colleges/universities
    • Parent/teacher associations which are non-profit and which support any of the institutions
  • Note: The applicant organization should be the parent entity, i.e. the school itself and not a class or department within the school.
  • An organization that provides any type of program or curriculum that promotes racism, intolerance or violence is not eligible for lottery licensing.
  • Education that forms part of the professional development of a person or group of people, such as training courses for teachers, lawyers, nurses etc., are not accepted for educational purposes

c) Advancement of Religion

  • An organization must demonstrate that its programs and services serve in religious services and programs to the community, interpreted to include the provision and maintenance of places of public worship

d) Any Purpose Beneficial to the Community

  • The purpose must benefit the general public.
  • The purpose must be exclusively charitable.
  • A purpose is charitable even if some of the objects are not, so long as those objects are ancillary to the main charitable object.
  • Purposes beneficial to the community include:
    • Groups dedicated to community projects
    • Certain service clubs
    • Improvement for cultural or ethnic groups
    • Improvement of quality of health
    • Medical research
    • Sporting and recreational public facilities

Application Forms

Lottery Application forms can be viewed and downloaded by visiting the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) website at

The AGCO website also enables you to view the most up-to-date information contained in the AGCO Lottery Licensing Policy Manual.

Phone:  For general information, call 311.  For detailed inquiries about Lottery Licences, call (519) 255-6200, Option #1.