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The City of Windsor periodically conducts surveys as a means of soliciting ideas and opinions from residents so we can better serve the community as a whole.

City Hall Plaza and Civic Esplanade Project

A new City Hall Plaza and Civic Esplanade project is being undertaken in order to provide inspiration for the design of a new City Hall Plaza, which is located at the head of the Civic Esplanade. The new plaza is generally located on the footprint of the former 350 City Hall Square West building. 

For more information, please visit and see our Civic Plaza and Esplanade Project video (YouTube). On the website, you will be able to choose from the interactive map, ideas tab or survey to have your voice heard, and you can also subscribe to our email alerts to stay informed.

Overhead drawing of Civic Esplanade study area

For more information on City of Windsor services and projects, please contact 311.