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The City of Windsor periodically conducts surveys as a means of soliciting ideas and opinions from residents so we can better serve the community as a whole.

Downtown Revitalization Survey

The City of Windsor, in partnership with StrategyCorp consultants, is engaging with stakeholders and the public to create a vibrant, safer, and inclusive downtown core that attracts more residents and businesses while addressing pressing issues like safety, homelessness, and addiction.

Like many communities, Windsor faces significant challenges related to homelessness and addictions, primarily concentrated in the downtown area. However, by harnessing the strength of our collective efforts and community-driven “Made in Windsor” solutions, the prospect of revitalizing downtown is attainable.

Residents, business owners, visitors, and anyone with insights to join in shaping the future of downtown Windsor is invited to participate in this process. The Downtown Windsor Revitalization Survey is an opportunity to share your experiences, solutions, suggestions, and concerns. The input will play a pivotal role in guiding StrategyCorp's experts in formulating a comprehensive strategy for Windsor that benefits everyone.

Your participation in this survey (approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete) is vital to this process and essential to the success of the City’s Downtown Revitalization Plan. Open September 27, 2023, to October 18, 2023:

Aeria view of downtown from the southwest

Let's Talk Windsor

In addition to the surveys periodically listed on this page, Let’s Talk Windsor is a public engagement portal offering feedback resources for a number of City of Windsor initiatives that impact our homes, our community and our environment. Find project details, interactive feedback options, surveys and more:

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