Taxes and Assessment
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Property Taxes and Assessment

What's New:

2020 Final Tax Bills​:

  • ​The 2020 Final Property Tax bills have been mailed out in the week of July 20, 2020, and the first instalment will be due in mid August (August 19).
  • The Instalment/Pre Authorized Payment Plan (PAP) withdrawal dates have been deferred by one month. The new PAP withdrawals will run from August to December. Please see the schedule of payments below:
  • Due dates for regular tax payments are August 19, September 16 and November 18.
  • Due dates for each of the PAP plans are as follows:
    • Installment Date Plan: August 19, September 16 and November 18
    • Mid-Month Plan: August 17, September 15, October 15, November 16, and December 15
    • End-of-Month Plan: August 31, September 30, October 30, November 30, and December 31
  • If you have not received your property tax bill by August, 4 2020 or have questions with regards to your 2020 Final Property Tax Bill, call 311 or e-mail
  • In-person customer service is currently by appointment only. To speak to someone in regard to your 2020 Final Property Tax Bill, call 311 or e-mail
  • A payment drop box has been placed in the lobby of 350 City Hall Square West for convenience (no appointment necessary).
  • Property owners who have opted to have their​ mortgage or financial institution remit property taxes directly to the City will receive their 2020 Final Tax Bill for information only. No action is necessary. The mortgage and financial institution will continue to receive information related to payment. A $30 annual administrative fee will be charged to the mortgage/financial institution.
  • Final tax rates have been set, which when applied to the current assessment values will result in an average increase in property tax of 2.15% or $57.73 for the residential homeowner for the year.​

Submit and Pay for Tax Certificate and Property Information Orders Online

The City of Windsor recently launched a new e-service to request tax certificates and property information reports online. The new functionality includes submitting your contact information, requesting the information and then paying for your order online by credit card. For more information on this service or to place an online order, please visit the e-services section of our website:

In accordance with the 2020 City of Windsor User Fee Schedule, please note the following updates:

2020 Fee:

  • Property Tax Receipts: $30
  • Other Charges Levied Against the Tax Roll: $50 per account

Please note the following fees remain the same as 2019:

  • Expedited Tax Certificate: $135.60 ($120 plus HST)
  • Tax Certificate: $84.75 ($75 plus HST)
  • New Ownership/Ownership Change: $75
  • New Property Account: $75
  • Non-Sufficient Funds/Returned Item: $50

My Property Tax Lets You Access, Change and Request Your Tax Info Online

My Property Tax allows you to view details about your tax bills, upcoming due dates, balances and more, as well as request tax statements and advise of updates to your account online.

To get started, property owners must visit the E-Services page on the City’s Website, and then choose My Property Tax to set up an account. Upon successful registration, users can visit My Property Tax for access to:

  • View information  specific to your property(s) through the secure password protected site
  • Enroll in a pre-authorized payment plan (PAP)
  • Cancel/change/update ownership info (e.g. mailing address)
  • Provide  a letter of authorization if you need somebody to act on your behalf
  • Request a statement of account, income tax receipt or tax certificate
  • View a detailed transaction history list for your property(s)

My Property Tax complements the Public Tax Assessment and Property Information service (also available from the E-Services tab), which provides open access to public information on properties throughout the city.

For more information on assessment and taxes call 311.

How do our taxes in Windsor compare to the Ontario average?

​Property Type ​Windsor Taxes a  Percent of the Provincial Survey Average
​Typical Detached Home (1,200 square feet) ​85.3%
​2 Storey Home ​112.1%
​Senior Executive Detached Home (3,000 square feet) ​101.7%
​Multi-Residential Walk Up Apartment ​74.4%
​Multi-Residential Mid/High Rise Apartment ​97.1%
​Commercial - Neighbourhood Shopping ​81.7% 
​Commercial - Office Building ​69.4%
​Commercial - Hotel ​79.9%
​Commercial - Motel ​100.6%
​Industrial- Vacant Land ​44.9%
​Large Industrial Properties (>125,000 square feet) ​67.8%
​Standard Industrial (<​125,000 square feet) ​71.7%