Taxes and Assessment
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Property Taxes and Assessment

What's New:

In accordance with the 2019 City of Windsor User Fee Schedule, please note the following updates:

2019 Fee:

  • Expedited Tax Certificate: $120*

Please note the following fees remain the same as 2018:

  • Tax Certificate: $75*
  • New Ownership/Ownership Change: $75
  • New Property Account: $75
  • Non-Sufficient Funds/Returned Item: $50

* HST Applicable

A new Pre-authorized Payment Plan has been added:

A third option is now available: End of Month 10-Month Plan

The current tax bill will be withdrawn automatically in 10 approximately equal payments from February to June and July to November on the last business day of each month. To enroll in any pre-authorized payment plan, complete the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Application. Forms can also be found with your property tax bill or in person at City Hall or at a Customer Care Centre.  To switch to the new End of Month - 10-Month Plan, you may do so in person at City Hall, by email to or online through a MyPropertyTax account.

Assessment Notices in the Mail

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) delivered this area’s Residential Property Assessment Notices on Monday, August 8, 2016 for property taxation years 2017 – 2020.

If you disagree with your assessment, MPAC will review it free of charge by way of the Request for Reconsideration.
The deadline for filing the Request for Reconsideration relative to your 2017 Property Assessment Notice is March 31, 2018; however, since this date falls on a weekend we will accept RfRs until April 2, 2018 for the 2018 property tax year.
Look for your login information on your Property Assessment Notice or visit  or

My Property Tax Lets You Access, Change and Request Your Tax Info Online

The City of Windsor has introduced a new e-service for property owners: My Property Tax allows you to view details about your tax bills, upcoming due dates, balances and more, as well as request tax statements and advise of updates to your account online.

To get started, property owners must visit the E-Services page on the City’s Website, and then choose My Property Tax to set up an account. Upon successful registration, users can visit My Property Tax for access to:

  • View information  specific to your property(s) through the secure password protected site
  • Enroll in a pre-authorized payment plan (PAP)
  • Cancel/change/update ownership info (e.g. mailing address)
  • Provide  a letter of authorization if you need somebody to act on your behalf
  • Request a statement of account, income tax receipt or tax certificate
  • View a detailed transaction history list for your property(s)

My Property Tax complements the Public Tax Assessment and Property Information service (also available from the E-Services tab), which provides open access to public information on properties throughout the city.

For more information on assessment and taxes call 311.

How do our taxes in Windsor compare to the Ontario average?

[Click image to enlarge] 

Provincial comparision chart thumbnail 

​Property Type ​Windsor Taxes a  Percent of the Provincial Survey Average
​Typical Detached Home (1,200 sq. ft.) ​85.3%
​2 Storey Home ​112.1%
​Senior Executive Detached Home (3,000 sq. ft.) ​101.7%
​Multi-Residential Walk Up Apartment ​74.4%
​Multi-Residential Mid/High Rise Apartment ​97.1%
​Commercial- Neighbourhood Shopping ​81.7% 
​Commercial- Office Building ​69.4%
​Commercial- Hotel ​79.9%
​Commercial- Motel ​100.6%
​Industrial- Vacant Land ​44.9%
​Large Industrial Properties (>125,000 sq. ft.) ​67.8%
​Standard Industrial (<125,000 sq. ft.) ​71.7%

Current year property tax levy and assessment value are available for all City of Windsor properties via the Property Tax & Assessment e-service free of charge.

If you are the owner, you may request verbal information relating to your property at no cost.

You may also request a Statement of Account for a fee of $30.00. This charge will be added directly to your tax account.