Delegation List for Council Meetings

Regular City Council Meeting - Monday, May 30, 2022 at 4:00 o'clock p.m.
Mayor & Council will be given the option to participate in-person or electronically.  Delegations will participate electronically only at this point.
Final list may not be in this order.
Item 10.1 Auditor General Annual Internal Audit Plan AND
Item 10.2 Internal Audit Summary Report - December 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022
a)  Christopher O'Connor, Auditor General
DELEGATIONS:  (5-minute maximum)
Item 8.1  Animal Control Contract
a) Melanie Coulter, Executive Director, Windsor-Essex County Humane Society (available for questions)
Item 11.1 Windsor-Canada Utilities Ltd. - Annual General Meeting
a) Helga Reidel, President & CEO; Jim Brown, VP Hydro Operations; Garry Rossi, VP Water Operations; and Matt Carlini, VP Corporate Services and CFO, ENWIN (available for questions)
Item 8.9 Draft Plan of Subdivision Application 0 Liverty Street n/s Liberty Street, between Dougal Avenue and Gundy Park Lane
a) Melanie Muir, Dillon Consulting (available for questions)
Item 11.4 Peace Fountain Replacement, Ward 6
a) Pooya Baktash and Nathan Bishop, Partisans (available for questions)
b) George Brooks (son of Charlie Brooks) and David Brooks (grandson of Charlie Brooks)
c) Rick Labonte, Unifor Local 444 Community Environment Rep
d) Kristina Brandt
Item 8.11 Zoning By-law Amendment Application to add a site specific zoning provision to allow a permanent patio in the rear yard at 642 Windermere Road, which wuold be exclusive to the restaurant, Vito's Pizzeria, located on the property to the north, known municipally as 1731-1737 Wyandotte Street East
a) Jeffrey Nanson, Solicitor, representing the applicant
b) Lynne Pearlman, area resident
The following person(s) contacted the Clerk’s Office to register as a delegation after the Friday 12:00 o’clock noon deadline.  In accordance with Section 10.9 of the Procedure By-law, a simple majority vote of Council is required to hear the delegation(s):
(This section will only be completed when necessary.)
Excerpt from the City of Windsor Procedure By-law 98-2011 - A By-law to provide rules governing the proceedings of Windsor City Council meetings and its committees and the conduct of its members (Part 10-Delegations) :

The Clerk shall not register a delegation unless there is a specific item listed on the Order of Business to which the delegate has a bona fide interest and wishes to address Council / Committee.  Any person who wishes to appear before Council shall make application to the Clerk by the Friday preceding the Council meeting, 12:00 noon, to be placed on the Order of Business to appear before Council at the meeting at which it will be dealing with the item of interest to the delegate. A written brief is encouraged and, if submitted to the Clerk by noon on the Friday preceding the Council meeting, shall be copied and distributed as "Delegation" submissions to Council members.  A maximum of 5 minutes shall be allotted for each delegation to present his/her position of support or opposition to the relevant item on the Order of Business.  Where there are numerous delegates taking the same position on a matter, they are encouraged to select a spokesperson to present their views.

Click here to view the entire City of Windsor By-law 98-2011 "A By-law to provide rules governing the proceedings of Windsor City Council meetings and its committees and the Conduct of its members": Procedure By-law 98-2011


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