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Delegation List

Preliminary delegation list for the Monday, January 18, 2021 Regular City Council Meeting - 10:30 a.m.
Participation will be held electronically due to COVID-19 pandemic.
PRESENTATION:  (10-minute maximum)
Item 10.1       Stormwater Financing Project (C 243/2020)
a)    Brian Bishop, Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Wood PLC; and Peter Simcisko, Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. (powerpoint)
b)    William Balazs (5 minutes)
DELEGATIONS: (5 minutes maximum)
Item 8.2     Municipal Funding Requirements for Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation Affordable Housing and Repair and Renewal Project - City Wide (C 191/2020)
a)    Hans Kogel, Chief Development & Regeneration Officer and Charles Janisse, CFO, Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation (available for questions)
Item 8.17  Draft Plan of Subdivision Application 3638-3738 Howard Avenue SDN-001/20 [SDN/6094]-  Luigi Albano, Albano Holdings Inc., Imperial Developments Inc., 2601817 Ontario Ltd., J. Rauti Developments Inc. - Ward 9
a)    Shane Lafontaine, consulting engineer for applicant (available for questions)
Item 8.22     Request for exemption from Section 45(1.3) of the Planning Act to allow a Minor Variance for 525 & 535 Cabana Road E -Ward 9
a)    William Good, Solicitor (available for questions)
Item 8.13     OPA & Rezoning - Transport Terminal Land Use Study - OPA 139 OPA/6195 Z-031/20 ZNG/6194 - City Wide
a)    Steven Pickard, Solicitor
b)    Matt Campbell, representing SBDRE (Windsor) Co.
Item 8.18     Zoning By-law Amendment to permit a Multiple Dwelling Development - 3129 Lauzon Road ZNG-026/20 [ZNG/6173] - 2516053 Ontario Inc., - Ward 7
a)    Melanie Muir, Dillon Consulting, representing applicant
b)    Brenda Gagnier, representing property owner Rose-Marie Gagnier
c)    Jacqueline Roy-Proulx, area resident
d)    Nancy Tomko, area resident
e)    Paresh Jariwala, area resident
f)     Veronica Symonds, area resident
g)    Lisa Tomko, area resident
h)    Randy Churchill, area resident
Item 8.19     Rezoning - AIPL Canada Holdings Inc. - 1200 -1220 University Avenue West - Z-009/20 [ZNG/6070] - Ward 3
a)    Joshua Hurley-Burns and Karl Tanner,  Dillon Consulting
b)    Vas Papadiamantopoulos and Dan Amicone, Architecttura, architects of record on project (available for questions)
c)    James Tuz, area resident
d)    Greg Allen, area resident (powerpoint)
e)    Aimee Allen, area resident
f)       Mike Greenwood, MIW Services
Conditional Delegation:
Councillor McKenzie’s Notice of Motion
a)    Frank Butler, President, Citizen Environment Alliance
b)    Brian Hogan, President, Windsor and District Labour Council
c)    Rick LaBonte, Local 444 Community Environment Representative
d)    Mark Bartlett, President, Unifor Windsor Regional Environment Council
The following person(s) contacted the Clerk’s Office to register as a delegation after the Friday 12:00 o’clock noon deadline.  In accordance with Section 10.9 of the Procedure By-law, a simple majority vote of Council is required to hear the delegation(s):
(this section will only be completed if applicable)

Excerpt from the City of Windsor Procedure By-law 98-2011 - A By-law to provide rules governing the proceedings of Windsor City Council meetings and its committees and the conduct of its members (Part 10-Delegations) :

The Clerk shall not register a delegation unless there is a specific item listed on the Order of Business to which the delegate has a bona fide interest and wishes to address Council / Committee.  Any person who wishes to appear before Council shall make application to the Clerk by the Friday preceding the Council meeting, 12:00 noon, to be placed on the Order of Business to appear before Council at the meeting at which it will be dealing with the item of interest to the delegate. A written brief is encouraged and, if submitted to the Clerk by noon on the Friday preceding the Council meeting, shall be copied and distributed as "Delegation" submissions to Council members.  A maximum of 5 minutes shall be allotted for each delegation to present his/her position of support or opposition to the relevant item on the Order of Business.  Where there are numerous delegates taking the same position on a matter, they are encouraged to select a spokesperson to present their views.

Click here to view the entire City of Windsor By-law 98-2011 "A By-law to provide rules governing the proceedings of Windsor City Council meetings and its committees and the Conduct of its members": Procedure By-law 98-2011


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