Notice of Motions

Notice of Motion 1:

Moved by Councillor McKenzie, seconded by Councillor ______________

That the City of Windsor ENDORSE the Association of Municipalities of Ontario's (AMO) position on the personal production of cannabis for medical purposes as articulated in the AMO document AMO Feedback on Health Canada Draft Guidance on Personal Production of Cannabis for Medical Purposes (attached); and futher

That a letter BE SENT to the Federal Minister of Health the Hon. Patty Hajdu and all local MPs to apprise them of the City of Windsor's position.


Notice of Motion 2:

Moved by Councillor Gill, seconded by Councillor _____________

That City Council APPROVE the pre-commitment and immediate use of $227,500 in funding identified in 2024 for the Relocation of Sandpoint Beach (RECO-002-14) to complete an Enviromental Assessment and further;

That City Council CONFIRM the use of funding from Grant Matching and Inflationary Pressures project should the tender exceed previously estimated costs due to inflation; and

That the Chief Administrative Officer and City Clerk BE AUTHORIZED to sign all agreements or contracts with successful vendors / proponents / bidders to give effect to this recommendation as long as they are within the approved budget, satisfactory in technical content to the Commissioner of Parks, Recreation, Culture & Corporate Facilities, in financial content to the City Treasurer, and in legal form to the City Solicitor.




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