Vote Tabulator

Vote tabulator side viewAutomated System of Voting

For this election the City of Windsor will be using an automated vote tabulating system.

What is a Vote Tabulating Unit?

Voters will be using the portable scanning machine called a vote tabulator to cast their ballot. This vote tabulator reads and records how the ballot is marked, deposits it into the ballot box, stores the information and produces election results after the close of the voting place. The unit is a portable ballot scan vote tabulator (vote tabulating unit) and sits on top of a specially designed ballot box with two separate compartments: a main compartment for storing voted ballots for tabulation after the close of voting and a secondary compartment only to be used in the event of a power failure or system problem.

The system uses only one composite ballot on which is printed the candidates’ names for the Office of Mayor, Office of Ward Councillor, and Office of School Board Trustee. The elector uses a special marking pen to fill in the oval next to the candidate of their choice. The ballot is then inserted into the vote tabulating unit by the election official in charge of the unit. The tabulator then reads and stores the information in the unit. At the close of voting on Election Day, the vote tabulator will print cumulative totals of all votes cast and the totals will be uploaded to a central server at City Hall. The final election results are produced, posted and distributed.

Vote tabulator front view The system has been proven to be precise, easy to use for the electors and capable of generating the final election results very quickly following the close of voting. The work at the voting place is also considerably reduced, as the daunting task of manually counting ballots and tabulating the votes cast is not required.

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