Business Licensing By-law 395-2004, Schedule A2 (see By-laws Online)
Fee New With Zoning
Auctioneer $191.00 N/A
Photo I.D. Card & HST $16.95 N/A
Licence - Per Event $191.00 N/A
Licence - Per Event/Zoning N/A $232.00

Applicant Requirements:

  • Application - Auctioneer
  • Police Records Check (Original) (Not more than 30 days old)
  • (2) pieces of government-issued identification including one photo I.D. as well as one I.D. demonstrating proof of status in Canada (e.g. birth certificate, Canadian passport, Canadian citizenship card, permanent resident card, work permit, etc.)
  • If the Auctioneer is the owner of the Auction House, Certificate of Incorporation, if applicable and/or Master Business Licence, if applicable
  • If the Auctioneer is an employee of the Auction House, a letter of employment
  • Photo I.D. card will be issued (Required every 2 years)
  • A new event licence is issued for every Auction.
  • The Auctioneer licence does not renew.

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