Certificate Types and Fees

  • Official certificates may be obtained through the Office of the Registrar General for the following fees:
    • Birth Certificate (Short Form)
      • First Birth Certificate $25.00 *
      • Replacement Birth Certificate $35.00
    • Certified Copy of Birth Registration (Long Form)
      • First Certified copy of Birth Registration $35.00
      • Replacement of certified copy of Birth Registration $45.00
  • The type of certificate most commonly used is the wallet size, which is issued for birth events. * (or short form)
  • Death certificates are only issued on paper form, and the cause of death is not shown. Applicants who require Cause of Death for various claims should obtain it from the Physician who certified the death.
  • Certified copies are complete transcripts or photographic prints of the complete registration record. A certified copy of a registration of birth, death or stillbirth may only be issued to a person who provides a satisfactory reason for such a request and is authorized by the Registrar General or produces an order of a court.

Office of the Registrar General
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Phone: 1-800-461-2156