Audit and Accountability Fund - Digital Modernization Review - 2022

In 2022, the City of Windsor was the recipient of a grant that funded a third-party review of City of Windsor digital modernization services. The grant was provided by the Province of Ontario’s Audit and Accountability Fund. The consultant selected for the review was StrategyCorp, Inc. The focus of the review was to provide recommendations for changes and improvements to support the City as it modernizes its services.

The consulting team conducted their analysis over a five-month period from August to December 2022. The consultant’s approach was to conduct a current state assessment and consultations in order to identify opportunities. The consultant developed the criteria with administration to weigh and prioritize those opportunities identified and then recommend a digital modernization strategy and roadmap for the City. Their assessment method involved interviewing senior levels of administration; reviewing corporate documents; reviewing and assessing existing digital solutions, processes or capabilities; and reviewing existing costs. In addition, a pubic survey was conducted to obtain input on existing digital services and input for additional services.

Given the magnitude of this assessment and its very short timelines, as per the grant, the consultant prepared a report that offers opportunities; recommendations at a conceptual level; a roadmap; and critical success factors in forming a digital modernization strategy. Through this project, administration has built a greater awareness of the power of digital modernization and concluded that there are some barriers to advance the organization, with some of these barriers currently being reviewed under the current Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan project. The IT Strategic Plan project is conducting a wider review of all IT operations and will provide a complementary roadmap for IT to meet the future technology and innovation needs of the organization

As per Council Resolution CR 5/2023, the consultant’s report “City of Windsor Digital Modernization Strategy” and supporting materials can be accessed via the following links:

If you require additional information, please contact:

Trevor Bennet
Manager, Business Process Modernization