Human Resources Recruitment

Our unit's main responsibilities are to:

  • Supply the City of Windsor's service areas with qualified employees
  • Develop employees' skills and abilities
  • Provide fair employment opportunities to prospective employees and fair advancement opportunities to existing employees
  • Assist service areas with Performance Management

Managers and Employment Officers work cooperatively with other City service units, unions, and associations to recruit, select, document, orient, train, and develop employees. At each step we endeavour to uphold the principles of fairness and equal opportunity.


The recruitment process provides a consistent, cost-effective, valid, and reliable method of acquiring employees for the City of Windsor. For each job opening, an Employment Officer must review the job description, advertise or post the opening, screen applications, "short-list" qualified individuals, administer applicable tests, arrange and conduct interviews, and select a candidate. The employment officer must then make an offer of employment, check references, obtain health and police clearances, document the employee for payroll purposes, and arrange for his or her orientation to the City of Windsor.

Recruitment also encompasses Staff Development. We provide training opportunities to enable employees to be successful in their current positions, along with opportunities to acquire new skills & abilities for the purposes of personal and professional growth. Most people realize lifelong learning is necessary to ensure some degree of job security. Training must be ongoing to keep pace with changing technologies and working environments. Staff Development activities also assist service units with their day-to-day issues, long range development of their employees, and planning for future staffing needs.

Our unit develops and updates Performance Management policies and strives to achieve consistency in the application and enforcement of policies across the City's service areas. Again, the principles of fairness and equal opportunity are of utmost importance.

In the spirit of equal opportunity, and in compliance with provincial and federal legislation, The City of Windsor is committed to respecting the dignity of the individual and providing a work environment that is free from harassment. Our unit has produced the Corporate "Workplace Harassment Policy and Procedures" handbook. We train employees how to "foster respect in the workplace," reducing the possibility of harassing behaviours occurring. We also train supervisors and managers how to prevent and stop workplace harassment, and how to handle situations should they arise.

For general information, contact 311.

For detailed inquiries, contact:
The Corporation of the City of Windsor
Human Resources Department
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Phone: (519) 255-6515
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