How 311 Works:

Operators at work

311 makes it easy for citizens to access their municipal government for both information and non-emergency services. This centralized customer approach handles non-emergency municipal inquiries, thus unburdening our 911 service to respond to emergency and critical situations.

311 utilizes a Customer Relationship Management software system, which is designed specifically for government with the goal of efficiently addressing customer needs and optimizing municipal service delivery. The 311 service:

  • Facilitates the intake process for citizen service requests by providing a means of effectively capturing details of reported issues
  • Automatically routes requests to the appropriate department for response
  • Reduces duplication and tracks the progress and completion of the work done
  • Provides the 311 team a robust and detailed knowledge base to search for answers to citizen inquiries
  • Supports multi-channel access including phone, text and email, as well as the self-service options of 311 online and a free mobile app, Windsor 311, both available 24/7
  • Works together with the City's EIS system, allowing for validation of addresses and mapping incident locations
  • Identifies trends in reported issues and supports data-driven decision making
  • Strengthens internal business processes and fosters continuous improvement
  • Enhances customer satisfaction