311 Mobile App FAQ

1. Is this a free service?


2. Do I need to allow "Windsor 311" to access my location while using the app?

Yes. This feature will allow your location to be used as the default address for requests and as a reference point when viewing recent requests in the map view. Location accuracy is dependent on phone Global Positioning System (GPS) quality and location settings.

If you wish to report a concern at a different location other than your current one, simply click on the map marker and drag until the cross hairs are directly over the desired location.

Should you choose not to enable this feature, the location will automatically default to Jackson Park.

3. How do I enable/disable the location or GPS service on my mobile device?

Go into Settings, General/Apps/Privacy; scroll down to find Windsor 311 App, Location Services/Permissions; toggle on or off.

Note: Will depend on the type of mobile device.

4. Do I have to submit a photo?

No, but photos provide a helpful visual for City staff to assess reported concerns. If you don't add a photo, you must type in a detailed description. Please note that if you take a photo of the concern and then change your location before submitting your request, be sure to adjust the map marker to the correct location of the problem.

5. What is the "My Info" icon on the 311 mobile app?

This is where you enter your contact information (name, email address and phone number). When you submit future requests on the same device, your contact information will be automatically added to your request.

If you wish to share your service request so the public can see the issue you reported, your personal contact information will not be shared or displayed to others.

6. Do I have to provide my personal information to submit a service request through the 311 mobile app?

Depending on the concern, some City of Windsor services may require valid name and contact information in order to initiate the request. The 311 mobile app allows anonymous submissions; however, if valid contact information is not provided, it may limit the department's ability to effectively respond to the request (for example, obtaining more specific details to fulfill the request). In addition, anonymous submissions will not be entitled to follow up when calling 311, as user identity cannot be confirmed.

If you provide your email address at time of submission, you will receive an automated confirmation email with your service request number. If a phone number is provided, the City may contact you for more information regarding your request. If phone notifications are enabled, you will receive a notification that will advise when the service request has been closed.

Valid contact information is required in order to follow up on the status of your request when contacting 311.

7. What is the "Share" icon on the 311 mobile app? Who am I sharing the information with?

Sharing your request allows other users to see that the request has already been reported. If you select the "on" setting, other users can see a list, map or photos of the last 100 service requests submitted. If you enable sharing, only the information relevant to the service request is visible. Your contact information is not shared. Select "off" if you do not wish to share the information from your service request. The windsor.spotreporters.com website also allows the public to view a list of share-enabled requests that have been submitted via the mobile app.

8. What is the "My Favourites" icon on the 311 mobile app?

"My Favourites" allows you to bookmark any service request (created by you or someone else) for quick reference after it has been submitted. Click on the "My Requests" or "Recent" icons, select the service request you wish to make a favourite, and click the star icon. You are then able to view the selected service request(s) in My Favourites. Deselecting the star icon on the service request in My Favourites will remove it from My Favourites.

9. What is the process after a service request has been submitted through the 311 mobile app?

The service request status will display in orange until the request is received at 311.

Once received, the status will change to green indicating the service request is open, and a service request number will appear on the top blue banner. If an email address was provided, a confirmation email will be sent out containing the service request number and other information pertinent to the request.

When the department has addressed the concern, the service request status will change to blue indicating the service request is now closed. A notification alert (when enabled) will be sent to out to advise that the request has been closed.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your request, please call 311 to speak to an agent, Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm, excluding holidays.

10. What if I can't find the service I am looking for or am not sure what to use?

Scroll to the very bottom of the "Choose a Service" screen and select "Report a Concern not Listed." The 311 team will triage this and enter the appropriate request for service on your behalf. You will be notified with your new tracking number. You can also call 311 during business hours to speak to a customer contact representative for assistance.

11. How will inappropriate photos or spam submitted through the 311 mobile app be handled?

Submitting inappropriate photos or spam is a violation of the 311 mobile app's terms of use. When inappropriate photos are flagged by citizens and employees, the City of Windsor has the right to remove the materials and can block the mobile device from using the app for future submissions.