Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation Mandate

The Mandate of the Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation is as follows:

The values for the Windsor-Essex Community Housing Corporation:


We treat all tenants, staff and community members with respect and fairness.

Responsive, High Quality Services

We provide responsive, high quality service to our public.


We take pride in our service to our tenants and buildings, and we value a strong positive image in the community.

Input and Participation

We value the input, ideas and participation of tenants, staff, and community members.


We are accessible and accountable to our stakeholders including the City of Windsor, the County of Essex, tenants in our buildings, our staff and our communities.


We understand our important role as stewards of valuable public resources.

We are responsible for the protection of the investment in buildings and communities; we value strong operational management, financial oversight and accountability to support the best use of our limited, financial and human resources.

Strong Neighbourhoods

We believe that investing in housing contributes to the development of strong neighbourhoods, and that it brings benefits to the City of Windsor and the County of Essex by providing stable and quality housing options for lower income residents.

The membership of the Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation for the term of 2019-2022:

  • Councillor Fabio Costante
  • Mayor Marc Bondy (County representative)
  • Deputy Leo Meloche (County representative)
  • Kenneth Acton
  • Marina Clemens
  • Linda Coltman
  • Dave Cooke
  • Mark Morris (Chamber)
  • Ann Paul (tenant representative)
  • John (Jack) Sullens